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Minister Danny Nettey represents a fresh generation of gospel music ministers who have come to understand the pivotal role music plays in the life of the believer, and the need for quality to be packaged in the praise and worship of God.
Nevertheless, to Danny, it is not all about the music and the various opportunities that are associated with the ministry; rather it is about touching the father's heart and affecting the lives of the people God has placed in your hand as service to His kingdom.
Early Years Born Daniel Nettey as the third of six children to Ghanaian parents, one Emmanuel Nakai Nettey (a very humble evangelist ) and Beatrice Nettey (a prayer-loving housewife), a few decades ago, Danny was just an ordinary African kid who grew up interested in all that mattered to kids.
But strangely, when it came to the field of music Danny was always seen secluded from his peers as he found very fascinating this art form, and greatly desired to understand what it was all about without being disturbed. Many would not notice initially but as Danny began playing the piano at the tender age of six and writing short songs without any formal training, he gradually caught the attention of his family and peers who could not think through the passion that emanated from Danny's love for music.
Simply, his new found love had awed them even so when he was still unrefined but very determined. Steadily, Danny began serious music lessons, though informal, and soon his musical taste began to lean towards traditional rhythms especially his native Ga rhythms (Kpanlogo, Jama and the likes) and to a greater extent the Blues his father listened to so much.
As was expected, Danny continued with his love for music through elementary school and high school. At the famous Ghanaian high school, Accra Academy, Danny rose through the ranks of the school's Scripture Union as a member to become Music Director and then President. The path towards a great ministry could not have been better laid. Road to Calling After high school, Danny joined an evangelism-centred group of young talented musicians which went about ministering the Gospel in songs.
They reached out to many people especially the youth and afterwards focused largely on high schools where they believed was a key educational level that modelled the future of many students. The group through its activities stressed the importance of bible study and prayer through most of their songs. Aside his group's activities, Danny also began composing songs and occasionally ministering them in his local church.
The Calling By this time, Danny had gained a lot in terms of music and was gradually learning the ways of the ministry. He believed there was more to just singing songs every time. There was the need for an extra 'something' to lead others to experience the awesome presence of God and help them develop an individual lifestyle of worship so as to become effective believers. He prayed and waited on God for direction and finally received his calling to go among the nations ministering in songs for the salvation of the lost and the building of a musical lifestyle of worship and praise among God's people. Answering his calling, Danny started his own group, 'Danny Nettey and Pals'.
The Ministry Through his group, Danny Nettey and Pals, Danny (now called Minister Danny Nettey) continued in what he was best known for; taking the message of the Gospel to the schools and churches in Ghana and across West Africa. In 1995, Minister Nettey released his solo debut album 'Positive Change' (which in 2002 was repackaged and released as self-titled album). The album introduced him as a worshipper with distinctive elemental fusions of R&B, Soul and Blues rhythms together with occasional tap into traditional black gospel and African rhythms as his type of music.
This was received warmly in Ghana by many, majority being the youth. The album firmed the course of Contemporary Ghanaian Gospel Music, a gospel genre that was gradually making waves and advocating a ministerial essence for gospel music. A year later, Danny Nettey and Pals released 'Friends in Ministry'. This is another classic album that caught on with many Charismatic churches in Ghana. The album also gracefully aided the birth of another fold of Danny's Ministry, "It's About Time (IAT) Productions" - a record label, gospel music training and development and live music productions centre. IAT's worship division has been organising a monthly non-denominational worship service, which draws hundreds of worshippers hungry for God's touch in Accra, Ghana, for some years now.
The IAT Worship Centre also trains praise and worship leaders of churches across the nation, equipping them for greater works in their local assemblies. In 2001, Danny Nettey released his second solo album, 'My All to You' which received rave reviews world-wide. With tracks such as 'I am the Lord' (featuring his ministry friend Rachel Thompson of One Way Ministries), 'I Will Worship You', 'Adom' (Grace) and 'Hwe Yie' (Watch Out), Danny relayed pure and anointed worship, praise and admonition that impacted many lives. Following suit in 2006 was Minister Nettey's third solo effort, 'I Believe'- a masterpiece. This album is arguably Danny's best album.
The album is a two-CD album (24-track album); one CD being a live concert recording (12 songs) and the other studio recorded songs (12 songs). Inspiring hits on the album include title track 'I Believe' produced by Kofi Dua Anto (KODA), 'Moko Moko Be', 'Again and Again', 'Day or Night', 'Atemuda' and 'Halleluyah'. This album has been a blessing to many fans and music groups both in Ghana and abroad. It has also enabled Danny to embark on tours in different countries and the feedback received always from the tour concerts is always that the manifest presence of God was felt everywhere. Blessed Privileges Ever since heeding to his call to minister to the nations in songs and bring God's children in worship before him, Minister Nettey has travelled extensively all over the world.
From gracing many conferences and tours in Africa and having been identified with a rare anointing of a minstrel, Danny has also honoured and headlined many major concerts in Europe and America sharing the dais with gospel greats such as Alvin Slaughter, Don Moen, Lionel Petersen, Ron Kenoly, Ron Winans (of the famous gospel-singing Winans family), Kirk Franklin and Israel Houghton. He has received many plaudits among gospel legends with some even making reference to his vocal abilities as in the same range as Bebe Winans and Donnie McClurkin.
Danny has also graced the stage for notable men of God: Pastor Mensah Otabil, Pastor Mathew Ashimolow, and Bishop T.D Jakes. Currently, Danny is working on an upcoming album and putting finish works on a book he has been inspired to write on Worship. However, a DVD of one of IAT's special monthly worship services has just been released.
Affiliation The growth of Danny's ministry is partly owed to the affiliations he has earned over the years working with other gospel groups and ministers where he has had to learn from them and also teach them what he had acquired along the line. The likes of Da Project, Monarch Praise, Gospel Explosions and Joyful Way Incorporated have featured Minister Nettey in their projects. Danny Nettey's annual Christmas concert in Accra, Ghana, dubbed 'Christmas with Danny Nettey and Friends' has always been a must-attend concert. This is credited to the fact that it is serves as a platform for Ghana's anointed music ministers– the likes of Ps. Helen Yawson, Nii Okai, Kofi Dua Anto, Kings Jubilee, Ike Nanor and many others - to gather to lead many in worship and praise.
Testimonies from this yearly concert have kept the concert going for over five years now as many people get saved and are ministered to. Hope for the Future Danny Nettey prays that the future brings a greater dimension of God's anointing and favour for more to be saved, healed, and receive divine impartation. In addition, Danny prays that the body of Christ comes to a fuller understanding of the essence of music as a tool for worship and praise – the key to encountering God's manifest presence. Discography Albums: Positive Change (1995), Friends in Ministry [with Pals] (1996), Danny Nettey (2002), My All To You (2001), I believe (2006), The IAT Worship Experience DVD (2009) Projects: IAT Worship Experience (Monthly Worship Programme in Accra, Ghana), Christmas with Danny Nettey and Friends (Annual Christmas Concert in Accra, Ghana)

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