Genre : Drama
Type : Fiction
Column : Cinema/tv
Year of production : 2007
Format : Feature

KAPO, BANA, KANYANKOLE and MULOKOLE are 4 youths that originally come from 4 regions of the country (EASTERN, CENTRAL, WESTERN, and NORTHERN respectively) but now live in a neighbourhood on the outskirts of the city in the "Central'Division', particulary in ZONE B4. They are all aspiring musicians, with each character representing stereotypical characteristics of people from the region they come from.
Through a contact, they have been offered a performance slot at a pub in the city that is starting "open mic sessions" locally dubbed KARIOKE. Kapo quits his job and raises some money to buy a track (instrumental) on which him and his crew will perform, plus transport fare to the city. They are ambushed by "GRADUATED TAX Enforcement Officers" before they can get to the city. After this, they find themselves with no money and no instrumental. In their quest to get to the city, they experience obstacles that test their friendship and mission.

Uganda/South Africa - 2007

Sc : Donald Mugisha, James Tayler, Baguma Eunice, Kyagulanyi Ssentamu - Ph/C : James Tayler, Donald Mugisha - M/Ed : Donald Mugisha - S : Alli Mutaka, Alex Ireeta - Mus : Roadblock et Chillum Woods Sound - P : Bigtime Entertainments (Adolf el Assal) - 89' - Betacam - F - Coul/Col - Int/Cast : Kyagulani "Bobi Wine" Ssentamu, Mark "Buchaman" Bugembe, Catherine "Scarlet" Nakyanzi


  • Arterial network
  • Media, Sports and Entertainment Group (MSE)
  • Gens de la Caraïbe
  • Groupe 30 Afrique
  • Alliance Française VANUATU
  • Zimbabwe : Culture Fund Of Zimbabwe Trust
  • RDC : Groupe TACCEMS
  • Rwanda : Positive Production
  • Togo : Kadam Kadam
  • Niger : ONG Culture Art Humanité
  • Collectif 2004 Images
  • Africultures Burkina-Faso
  • Bénincultures / Editions Plurielles
  • Africiné
  • Afrilivres

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