Grenada Drum Festival

Moonlight City Park, La Poterie
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The Tivoli Drummers are an Afro-Caribbean group based in the village of Tivoli, in the parish of St. Andrew, Grenada. The style of drumming in Tivoli comes from the traditional drumming brought to Grenada by African men and women during the slave era.

Founded in 1995 by Livingston Krumah Nelson, the son of Lemo, a great traditional drummer, the mission of the Tivoli Drummers was to spread the Drum Culture. The group recruited young members and taught them the art of drum playing, dancing and singing in the traditional style.

It was recognized early in the group formation that the number of persons needed to participate and the level of organization required to maintain the traditional style was quite difficult. Krumah, the Director of the Tivoli Drummers then introduced choreographed drumming.

That style of drumming is unique to Tivoli drummers and is not seen on television, in the English speaking Caribbean or within the thirty-nine groups that performed in Guadeloupe at the 2001 Gwoka (Drum) Festival. It is this choreographed drumming which makes the Tivoli Drummers stand out and maps out for their niche market.

To be successful the group embarked on several creative and experimental styles of drumming, facilitated by the manufacture of drums within the group and the introduction of other instruments. Today Tivoli Drummers can boast of its success and its impact on the Grenadian society.

The next logical stage in spreading the drum culture further was to host an international drum festival. The idea was fuelled when the Director of the Tivoli Drummers visited Guadeloupe in 2000 and witnessed the festival of the drums referred to as Gwoka.

The objectives for Drum Fest are as follows:

* Promotion of the Drum Culture and the fostering of cultural exchanges between all people of the Caribbean Community.
* To host a major drum festival in a rural community. (3) Initiate workshops and formation of youth drumming groups in Grenada.
* To bring together drummers from the region.
* To heighten the acceptance of drumming in the region.
* To make drums available and affordable to schools and other groups.

Festival Activities

* Display of traditional drumming, dancing and rituals surrounding the drums.
* Facilitation of workshops in dance and drumming.
* Display of the various types of drums.
* Showcasing of skilled drum players.


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