User profile

This space allows you to create your Spla user profile (by profession, artistic discipline, country, language, networks you're a member of, etc. ).

This allows you to access certain services:

  • Filtered Spla data
  • Network spaces


This space allows you to access all the files you have created or modified using the Spla self-presentation forms ("I add my information" link)

You can directly visualize your files on Spla, modify or erase them

Website kits

In just a few clicks, this space allows you to create your own free website, based on data already listed in Spla:

  • Yourself
  • Your group
  • Your organization
  • Your venue
  • Your festival
  • Your film

Press space

Upload your photos, videos and press kits to this space.

These documents will soon be available on your Spla file, with access to journalists only

Festival catalogues

This space allows you to create your festival catalogue.

Once filled, it is accessible to the public in the form of a PDF downloadable from the sheet of your festival.

Projects space

Use our project presentation forms.

Your project will appear in the "Projects space" section of the Spla homepage.

Members of our team will help you elaborate your project and seek partners.

Professions pages

Depending on your user profile (see block 1), find personalized Spla data here: contacts, professional ads, projects, news updates, or calls for proposals relating to your profession, country and artistic discipline.