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"In the modern world of business, it is useless to be a creative, original thinker unless you can also sell what you create. Management cannot be expected to recognize a good idea unless it is presented to them by a good salesman. -David Ogilvy"

About Sondeka

Sondeka Festival, is a Create/Innovate festival and the first of its kind in East Africa. It acts as an intermediary where producers of creative innovations can meet with organizations and/or consumers of their products. Sondeka Festival brings all forms of creativity into one space to collaborate, co-create, showcase skills, and access market. Creatives are encouraged to up cycle and create social innovations for sustainable futures.

Sondeka Festival serves as a platform for numerous events, activities, exhibitions that showcase Africa's creative industry and promote Africa as a centre for creativity and investment opportunities. The festival shall enable creative entrepreneurs to sell goods and services, attract investment, develop new markets, and showcase new and emerging talent.

Sondeka is an urban Swahili slang from the word tengeneza that means, "to create". Sondeka is mostly used in Kenyan urban informal settlement. The name is a diamond in the rough suggesting that art shouldn't be structured to means and ways but should be left to form its own roots. Sondeka Festival also acts as a portal for matching innovative thinkers to innovative companies.

Creatives Garage

Creatives Garage , the organizer of Sondeka Festival, is a broad-spectrum, platform for creatives to network, share ideas, collaborate, learn, gain market accessibility and push boundaries.

Creatives Garage was formed out of past frustrations faced by its founders in the creative industry such as lack of funding, pricing products, lack of talent appreciation, market appreciation (me too-ism syndrome), education and practical sessions, lack of networking opportunities, undercutting and lack of exposure lead to the realization of creating a platform that could address these issues.

Africa is undergoing a unique renaissance with a growth and steady acknowledgment of the key role that innovation plays in transforming the economic and social status of the continent. At Sondeka Festival 2014, we saw the likes of Peter Mbiria in robotics, William Ruddick with Bangla Pesa providing a unique Barter trade currency to transform slum economies, and Gabriel Nderitu's plane prototypes. They are the kind of innovators that Sondeka intends to expose to the market to steadily grow not just Kenya, but the African renaissance.

Social Innovation is emerging worldwide to find new solutions to old problems. The future will be influenced through solution oriented innovative designs, by the creative classes, that are fast becoming the leading force of growth in the global economy, in the current and future decades.

Imagination is more important than Knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and in all there ever will be to know and understand. ~ Albert Einstein.

Creativity and innovation are driving a significant growth in economies across the globe and we are recognizing the creatives who are making a positive impact on society. Creatives (artists and innovators) are the ones championing this creative revolution for wealth and job creation. It is paramount that we offer a platform for our members to explore the possibilities of social innovation.

We offer value. Sondeka Festival acts as a portal for meeting innovative thinkers as well as innovative companies; this enables the companies to get creative thinkers to match the skills they are looking for.

Quality is a key factor in the innovations and productions that will be presented at Sondeka festival. We are looking for original ideas that are set to add value to the creative economy.

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Selection Criteria

Original and unique – we are looking to showcase original ideas and sounds during Sondeka festival and are looking for great showstoppers, curators and innovators to offer a platform too.

The application form must be duly filled. Forms that are not completely filled will NOT be considered.

Availability – All participants must be available for the entire duration of the festival.

MUST be willing to cooperate and be flexible to challenges and situations.

Please note that the festival dates are 2nd – 4th October 2015

at the Ngong Racecourse, Nairobi- Kenya.


Availability – selected innovators and artists will be required to participate for the three days and therefore MUST be available for the entire duration.

There will be two categories of creating; free form and the challenge.

Creatives willing to participate in the challenge MUST be willing to execute a brief within 60 hours of the festival.

The innovators MUST have the ability to co-create with other creatives.

Innovators must be great people with out of the box thinking they could be; engineers, mechanics, sculptors, painters, mixed artists, digital artists, product designers, industrial designers or techies.

MUST present to us previous works

Be willing to exhibit their innovations.


The film shall exhibit artistic excellence in screenplay, music, and filming technique.

The film shall promote the common good, which is defined as a society in which persons and communities care for one another's well-being.

The film shall exhibit sensitivity to the human situation, promoting the dignity of all.

As appropriate to the film's subject matter, the film shall foster ecological responsibility.

The film shall cultivate a realistic hope of creative transformation.


MUST have the ability to organize and curate an event with limited resources during SONDEKA 2015.

MUST be team players willing to co-work with others.

It could be an organization that works with the Creative industry.

MUST be available for the entire duration of the festival

MUST have out-of-the-box ideas that will represent the festival's futuristic theme with the resources provided.


Speaking ability: Must be able to communicate well in English and Swahili

Must be someone who can motivate people and to take action or change their lives.

Knowledge of audience needs: capable of keeping audiences engaged

Familiar with speech techniques for staying on point.

Comfortable answering questions

Possess good stage presence

Able to use reasonable argument.

Capable of remaining energetic during meetings

If possible, provide information on previous engagements.


Type of Material Performed – We are looking for authentic African music that could be categorized in but not limited to any of these; Afrohouse,Afrosoul, Afrojazz, classical music, Bongo, EDM, Kapuka.

Event promotion- It is expected the "artists" will assist in the promotion of the event in order to encourage ticket sales, this may be via your website, social media pages and newsletters, along with radio interviews.

Other bookings on the same weekend- we would prefer that you take no other bookings for festivals or events on this weekend. If you already have current bookings for this weekend, please advise in your application.

Must share links of current work. The recording can be done on mobile platforms and sent to us via email, YouTube links or WhatsApp to +254 708 752 575

Please note that due to the number of submissions that we receive, participants are all requested to make prior arrangements for their travel and accommodation and expenses.

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