Sun For Rent

  • Sun For Rent
Genre : Social
Type : Documentary
Original title :
Principal country concerned : Column : Cinema/tv, Media
Year of production : 2013
Format : Short
Running time : 8 (in minutes)

A while back I had the opportunity to work on a series of short videos and audio podcasts that revolved around green issues from a general outlook, (Even if it was the most difficult experience in my life, it prepared me for this new assignment.) inescapably my 'green living' taste bugs were stirred. When I got the opening to work with Eco finder Kenya on a film on solar lamps questions run into my mind, what sort of future would they have in Africa and specifically Kenya this were the questions I was looking to answer. It became clear that this was an opportunity to really dig deep and look at one aspect of the green movement, renewable energy and literally zoom in to solar lamps and the impact they have to a community.
Ultimately I wanted to give a human face to the solar entrepreneurs' project while not compromising the different facets that make it up, after weeks of research, discussions and several proposals, we settled to tell a story that would answer my questions and would also work as a promotional tool for the organization.

The production would eventually entail several hours of interviews and bring us to different parts of western Kenya including an island. I decided early on that lighting choices would be my ally in this complex cinematic question. I would shoot with natural light as was a key aspect of the subject and use the solar powered lamps for the evening and dark shots. I also decided to shoot the beneficiaries with a handheld camera, allowing me to follow behind them when they were showing us their daily routine trips. Our experts would be shot with a fixed and immobile camera.

By making this film I want the audience to see the impact solar energy has to our lives and the possibilities in the future.

Summary for official catalogues

Sun for rent is a short film that looks at solar lamp entrepreneur programme which is a tool to eradicate poverty while providing a much needed commodity, light, in marginalized communities within western Kenya.
Filmed mostly in Mageta Island where for decades  the main source of light has been the detrimental  kerosene lamps, it uncovers how the introduction of solar lamps has transformed the livelihood of many and empowered some of the inhabitants.
The film follows Keldon, on his daily run as he supplies his customers with a much needed community, light in the form of solar lamps for rent. In a community where majority of the population survive on less than a dollar a day, the intervention programme plants hope of a brighter future.
At a time when NGOs and similar initiatives are grouped and branded as none progressive entities in the developmental and poverty eradication process Sun for Rent stands as a testament that there are those modules that can work for the betterment of these communities and through corrective intervention the possibilities are endless for a greener and poverty free world. 


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