K. Jean-claude Djondo

K. Jean-claude Djondo
Theatre director, Dancer, Actor, Poet, Storyteller, Organiser
Principal country concerned : Column : Music, Theater, Cinema/tv, Photo, Literature, Internet, History/society, Poetry / story telling

Mr DJONDO K Jean Claude Acteur, Actor, Conteur, Togolese of nationality living in Burkina Faso is not with his first theatrical troop. Indeed, after company ZIGAS of Togo or AKOFFEN theatre of Lome (a group of, storytellers), it continued its African course. Thus after the part "truth with the hollow of the lie", it chose the country of the Just Men like ideal country for better sharpening its talent' artist, actor After training courses with the eminent ones, artists actor, it decided named AKABARAKA like name of artist storyteller. Jean-Claude Dit AKABARAKA is actors, actors, Conteurs, and director based on the burkinabé territory. AKABARAKA in Ewé (language of Togo) means the black or African charcoal Black, SAALA in mooré (language of Burkina Faso). AKABARAKA launches a call with all African to make a flash-back on their Tradition. Artistic AKABARAKA thus wants to be repercutor of the echoes of the truth of the marvellous world of the tales whose demonstrations resemble per many aspects the human life. AKABARAKA seeks in the field of the tales, riddles, proverbs, sets of children, songs and traditional dances African, AKABARAKA?uvre for the revalorization of the oral cultural inheritances and an authentic relaunching of the African theatre.

As the lie reveals the secrecy of the king. Tell haoussa which exposed AKABARAKA in front of the public burkinabé through weeks and school and student's festivals in June 1998, date of its arrival with Ouagadougou in August 1998 "the not held promise and the Jealousy of the beautiful mother" a Théâtrale part assembled by Jean Claude K Djondo says AKABARAKA. Here thus three very alive assemblies which met a great success Near the burkinabé public. Very early in the beginning of 99, AKABARAKA will take part in one week cultural and of formation organized by an association of twinning between the school Patrice Lumumba and a French school in Ouagadougou. AKABARAKA carried out a round in various sectors and communes of the Capital in June 2000. Let us note that with the aim of cause the spirit of creativity to promote it the performing arts at the school level, AKABARAKA ensured the formation of the primary schools and Secondary which gained the first prices with the artistic contest of the secondary and student pupils (CAPO and CASEO) organized by the Workshop burkinabé Theatre (A.T.B) In addition, let us stress that AKABARAKA also took part in the organization from (F.I.T.D and F.I.T.M.O) both larger Festival in Burkina Faso.


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