Ceraphin Radio Network Launch 100% Jazz Radio Station Called iJazzy Classical

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Published on : 03/07/2019

Ceraphin Radio Network is one of the largest radio networks in Canada that operate more than 5 major internet radio stations in 6 countries in general.

During 2018Ceraphin Radio Network was nominated as the best network at RTDNA Canada during that time for its service to the community and for its global impact. All of its radio stations are reaching out to millions of people worldwide and they are getting millions and millions of impressions online.

The major network, Ceraphin Radio Network operates more than 5 radio in CanadaFranceHaitiAfricaDominican Republic, the United States and they all are serving and helping the world become a better place by streaming music and entertainment worldwide.

Ceraphin Radio Network also operates top lists, including a top-ranked list called 'Bon Déjeuner! Radio- Top 10', which goals are to publish songs and Artists on the charts each week, similar to Top40-Charts and Billboard 200. It was launched in 2017 and it is created to provide charts and more.

In 2019, the network, Ceraphin Radio Network has announced that the brand new radio station that is operating under the name of iJazzy Classical, a sister radio station of Bon Déjeuner! Radio, will air and feature Broadway Musical songs, performing arts, and other classical songs.

In fact, Ceraphin Radio Network mostly known as a radio network company founded a Haitian businessmen by Werley Nortreus and the rest of the Nortreus Family members. The Network's slogan is known as (Your Network, Your Stations), said its leaders.

The Network that owns and operates more than 5 popular internet radio stations worldwide have announced new features to improve their major goals and the entertainment industry globally. In facts, iJazzy Classical is Haiti' only Jazz radio station located in Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti. Because of the decisions of its Network, the radio will air Broadway Musical and other classical genres.

Based on Google facts, the internet radio station operating under the name of iJazzy Classical is Haiti' only Jazz radio station and one of the country' most popular radio stations owned by Werley Nortreus (60%) and Ceraphin Radio Network (40%). So iJazzy Classical broadcast 100% of Jazz hits live on air and across the internet.

The radio station' slogan is known as 'iJazzy Keeps You In Good Mood' and it has reached out million of listeners and stream play worldwide.


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