New Album Called '1993: Birth of Paradise & Romance, Vol. 1' By Werley Nortreus Released In Stores

© 1993: Birth of Paradise & Romance, Vol. 1
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Published on : 13/08/2019

The 2019 studio album title called '1993: Birth of Paradise & Romance, Vol. 1' is an instrumental/soundtrack music album performed by the Caribbean Musician and Instrumentalist Werley Nortreus released by LéyLéy Records in September 2019. The new music album has 27 sweet and sexy instrumentals with great rhythm and melody produced and composed by Werley Nortreus. The title '1993: Birth of Paradise & Romance, Vol. 1' is the 4th music album performed by Werley Nortreus that has great seductive messages about romance, love, life, and Heaven. The instrumental/soundtrack album is available in all major stores online, even in some retail stores like Amazon, Target, Walmart, and many other stores. It is like a musical series called '1993: Birth of Paradise & Romance' that has multiple volumes.

"The album' first volume is called '1993: Birth of Paradise & Romance, Vol. 1' and it is available to purchase online and some retail stores while the second volume called '1993: Birth of Paradise & Romance, Vol. 2' will come out in stores in September 2020.", said Werley Nortreus, the album performer and producer.

The young music legend Werley Nortreus is back in the music industry and ready to dominate the charts with a very brand new and a sexy instrumental album called '1993: Birth of Paradise & Romance, Vol. 1' that has 27 sweet tracks in total. The music superstar said his delicious new album has sweet and romantic tracks that his fans will fall in love with for the rest of their lives. His 4th album will be different from the others because the album's genres are described to be instrumental or soundtrack. The young and talented gentleman to drive more women and his fans more crazy with his new instrumental album called '1993: Birth of Paradise & Romance, Vol. 1' and it will be hard for people not to be seduced and fall in love with. Just like a trap that people won't be able to escape, but to make love with all the 27 tracks with no choices.

In fact, the music legend Werley Nortreus was born in 1993 and his new album '1993: Birth of Paradise & Romance, Vol. 1' describes how romantic, Godly, attractive, unique, and powerful his musical talent is. His new album also talks about his past experiences with his life and how he was born to be great, powerful, Godly, romantic, and tough in making songs just like making love. Most of his albums are Gospel and Religious, but he thinks it makes sense to release a new album with a different style and melody to prove his fans how talented he is in making instrumentals, beats, or soundtracks.

Below, discover the names of the songs from '1993: Birth of Paradise & Romance, Vol. 1' (Tracks list).

From LéyLéy Records:


1- Black Gods Rule All Universes

2- What's My Story Bae?

3- The Heaven Orders

4- The Year of 1993 (King to Be Born)

5- Birth of Paradise & Romance

6- A Star Is Born (Child from Heaven)

7- Dear Ancestors

8- Like a Funk Machine

9- Joy for All Children

10- Can You Hear Me

11- The Money & Fame

12- Honeymoon Thirst

13- Ki MÉLÉM Yo Pa Renmenm

14- Nomore (Put Your Hands up)

15- People Didn't Deserve Us Bro

16- Your Hate & Jealousy Define You

17- People Can't Defeat Us Bro

18- The River of Archangels

19- Love That Way You Jazzy

20- Sweet Bajan Candy De Riri (I ? You)

21- Take You to Music Rhythm

22- Sensual Path to Heaven Gate

23- I Am Sooo Crazy in Love (Mimi Vee)

24- Drums of Higher Power

25- Haitian Revolution (Koupe TÈT, Boule Kay)

26- Good Man of Seduction

27- Becoming King of Haiti (Future Prediction)



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