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Published on : 08/01/2015

Hello friends and supporters of Ayiti Mon Amour(AQ),

I am writing this note by candle light. The power has been out for the last few hours and luckily I had an extra computer battery and an internet jump drive.

We are down to the wire on our campaign. We've come a long way and still have quite a few miles to go before we can reach our goal. Our numbers are pretty good for a campaign with only 149 funders.

On Sunday, we were blessed with a very generous contribution which allowed us to quickly make a huge leap. I am so grateful to all of our funders for your support and generosity. I've always believed in the kindness of strangers and received so much support from folks from all over the world, IA few weeks ago I did not have any friends in the Philippines or Lebanon but because of this campaign now I have.

AyitiMonAmour(AQ)IndiegogoCampaignVideo(French subtitles) from Guetty Felin on Vimeo.

We've only been here one week and have already completed 5 days of production. We have the support of everyone here in this wonderful little hamlet on the Southeastern coast of Haiti. Judging from the great performances I am getting from the actors and the quality of my team I can already tell you that we are on the road to making a pretty spellbinding film. You will not regret joining me on this adventure. Tomorrow, I will share with you a few pictures the wonderful crew and actors who are making this journey so magical. In the meantime you can go to our tumblr blog.

But it's not over yet. We have 51 hours until our campaign ends. At the moment we are 66% funded and need 7,919 to reach our goal. Many of you have pledged to contribute, there's no better time than now. With your help I am confident that we will make it.

A million thanks to all current and the future supporters.


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Crew/ Talent/local staff = 7,600
Craft services and meals, groceries = 1,200
Round trip travel from US for 6 = 3,115
Lodging in Kabic (rental for bungalows) = 1,000
Equipment rental hard drive purchasing = 500
Car rental and gas= 1,350
Editor's Salary for 2 months= 4,000
Editing station = 1,400
Gifting and postage= $1,200
9% Indiegogo fees +contingency = 1,913
For a total of: $23,178.00

We have a very small crew; we're using all real locations so no real set design. The props are borrowed from the villagers. We shoot all in natural light, using reflectors, mirrors, diffusers, candles, kerosene lamps to capture the realist look of the film. We are also getting some in-kind donations of equipment gear, and we own some equipment as well, camera and sound.

The international crew is being paid the SAG (Screen Actor's Guild) ultra low budget rate of $100 per day. They have agreed to be paid half of the salaries after the shoot and the other half on a deferral. Actors and crew in Haiti are being paid a daily ultra low budget rate as well. None of the local salaries will be deferred; everyone will be paid at the end of the shoot


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