Festival international de Cinéma et de Télévision pour l'Enfance et la Jeunesse à Cotonou (FICECO)

Thomas Akodjinou Quartier Vêdoko / Cotonou, immeuble blanc derrière maison Alabi Gbègan
Tel. : (229) 21 03 20 72
Genre : Festival
Principal country concerned : Column : Cinema/tv

The International Festival of Cinema and Television for Childhood and Youth at Cotonou - FICECO-, proposes every other year a unique and exceptional meeting in Africa at south Sahara. This meeting is organised for film-makers, television professionals, artists, teachers Benin young people.

FICECO covers Africa where there is the largest number of children and young. It proposes a space for the best film productions on the international market meant for young people, a space for meetings and thoughts, a festival space.

Background Story

FICECO originated from the commitment of a man: Thomas AKODJINOU. After his growth in Benin of 50s, he spent six years to Moscow studying production at National Institute of Cinematography. Then, he shows 8 short films and one full length video film.
Apart of this work as Director, he developed a very rich activity dedicated to cinema. Among others, he created the cinematography culture movement and the Cine Club shango workshop which later becomes the Benin Center of films for Childhood and Youth (Centre Béninois du Film pour l'Enfance et la Jeunesse- CEBEFEJ-).

As the Director of CEBEFEJ, he has taken part in many International Forum and meetings dedicated to film for children and the youth. He has organised cinematography weeks for young people at Cotonou. And it is from this experience that he developed the idea of creating the International Festival of Cinema and television for Childhood and Youth (FICECO)
Before the first edition, preparatory works made in 1999 helped this festival to determine his parking space and lay the foundation of its development.


Show to the young public, the best of audiovisual production for children and youth in the world especially in Africa. This will be a contribution to their imagination blooming.
Give to audiovisual professionals a chance of intercultural meeting, of emulation and feast around films for Children and Youth.
Incite African producers, film makers and writers to write scenario and to produce audiovisual films for children and the youth; this will help renewing friendship with young public later.
Serve as a link in the building of the pan African film production network and sustain the competition between African professionals on international markets.

Nota Bene

Film or Tele film in this document means production meant for the young.


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