Tambo International Art Camp and Festival

Genre : Festival
Principal country concerned : Column : Music, Theater, Cinema/tv

The Culture Association Tambo Tambulani Tambo was founded in 1995 with the mission to promote cultural values for them to be valorised in the society and for culture to contribute to the development culturally, socially and economically of the province Cabo Delgado, the country and the world in general.

To get on with this mission the Culture Association Tambo Tambulani Tambo creates cultural activities, mostly music, theatre and dances as well as getting involved in defending and promoting the rights and opportunities for artists. We are member of various forums like FOCADE, the forum for NGOs in Cabo Delgado where we take active part in the forum's goal to secure social just development.

For the first 10 years there had been lacking a fix place to develop our activities within culture/art that will say doing rehearsals, having cultural/art activities, keeping equipment, doing the management and having income generating events to benefit the association. With the establishment of the cultural centre "Tambo" the Culture Association Tambo Tambulani Tambo will strengthen is sustainability culturally, socially and economically.

The association has at the moment 35 members of which 20 are performing members.

Overall Objective for the Centre "Tambo":
Create a centre where the association realizes its activities like rehearsals of music, dances, theatre, hosting cultural events, meetings, administration, keeping equipment safely and having income generating activities in order to have a well functioning association that is sustainable socially and economically and can achieve its goals.


* Develop cultural activities mostly within dance, theatre and music with the aim to conserve the cultural heritage and explore new ways of expressing culture and art
* Picture and video documentation of cultural expressions
* Create an environment that will attract people to valourise culture/art both in being an active part but also as a spectator and as a supporter


* Through cultural/art activities the community leans social and cultural values
* Performances will educate the community in civic and health issues
* People of the community have the possibility to join activities good for the health and mind
* Members and non-members have a place to meet for their activities and socializing


* Rehearsal music, theatre and music
* Cultural-educative programs with children and youth from the community through the "Education through Music and Theatre" program
* Promoting female presence in theatre making through work shops
* Documenting through video recordings artistic expressions both old as well as modern.
* Hosting cultural and civic educative events

Expected results:

* Theatre, music, dance and other art forms being performed
* High quality with high creativity and innovation
* Cultural inheritance kept and documented
* Improved variety of equipment and instruments
* Training sessions in making theatre, instructing, scenery and playwriting
* More active female presence in art making
* More people involved in cultural activities
* Culture is taken seriously by the society and the government
* Cultural-educative programs with children and youth from the community
* Children and youth participate in the on-going "Education through Music and Theatre" program and so will be having knowledge of social-cultural aspects of life, rhythm and cultivate their creativity
* Other will benefit from the songs learnt as the children and youth perform them in other communities and from mouth to mouth
* That messages of different aspects of development reach and are being understood by communities


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