Follykue Adanlete

Follykue Adanlete
Theatre director, Graphic artist, Fine artist, Painter, Actor, Artistic director, Storyteller, Adapter, Scenographer
Column : Theater, Fine arts, Design, Poetry / story telling

A long time in love with the performing arts that it côtoie on the benches of the school ADJANOH-ADANLETE Follykué came to the theatre only into 1997 within Company ZIGAS from Atavi G AMEDEGNATO one from the founder from the legendary one Company ZITIC of Togo. The following year, it takes its first professional steps on the scene of the prestigious one WORKSHOP BURKINABE THEATRE. Piqué then by the virus of the theatre, it giving up all, for this art which becomes part of itself. He learned with Atavi G the Technique from the theatre from recycled. A technique which combines the theatre and the tale. He becomes after a few years of training the right-hand man of the director of the company. It is in direction that he will assume times of the settings in scenes, the training of the newcomers within the Company. In February 2005, it joined the Company which it had left two years rather to assume the role of supervisor and trainer of the young children of Zigastoit, the Center of the children of street of the Zigas Company. It gives to it in particular a training in PAINTING, in PLAYS Of ACTOR, at the side of ANANI GBETEGLO, percussionnist and AGBOLO JOSEPHE, known as Fo Joe marrionnetist. It is during its hours of drawings which he discovers another kind of painting that he quickly will develop: The SCENES OF the AFRICAN LIFE, which show caricatures of lived daily of the Togoleses. (child, it drew on sand and commented with fleeing and measures his drawings; surrounded by his/her buddies whose today majority are artists draughtsmen, Papisco (States Uni), Assion Adanlété (France), Alem komlanvi (Lome) etc; later with the college, they made caricatures with texts on bits of paper which they were sent.) In 2008, it meets the French poet JEAN PAUL AMARA which falls in love with its painting. It will entrust poems to him to be illustrated. It is the beginning of a radical change of its art. It Will paint parts which will be torn off by the public, of the thoughts of the largest thinkers universal will pass under his brushes; VOLTAIRE, BAUDELAIRE, MONTAIGNE, GRIN GAINSBOURG, MANDELA, and others. Painting however did not divert it performing arts, thus it will begin the setting in scene of WHITE SQUARE ON BLACK BOTTOM of CHARLES MANIAN the author of the BLACK WIRE of which he made the adaptation which will be played in 2003 with the festival of theatre of fraternity FESTHEF. And later it takes again the spectacle with club UNESCO OF Lome with the actors Marc AGBEDJIDJI, David GANDA and Bazil. Spectacle which since is played by its three actors with their characteristic Company FAKO. IT will follow several workshops of formations, in plays of actor, governed light, setting in scene, and scenography.

ITS ORIGINS, SA PHILOSOPHY Actor storyteller, actor of theatre, Director and plastics technician ADJANOH-ADANLETE FOLLYKUE say AGOGBA after formations and training courses followed with eminent men of theatre of Africa, Canada and Europe, decides to devote to its own Compagnie the LAMPION THEATRE. Create in of 1999, this Company based in the East of Lome gathers Actors of several Companies and has the role to bring to the practice of the performing arts in this mediums where did not exist absolutely theatre companies. It is in this objective that it organizes workshops of formations and Spectacles in the schools of the Place; the Company took part in festival like Festhef, Racine, etc it is today with its greater creation with WHITE SQUARE ON BLACK BOTTOM of Charles Manian a Belgian journalist, than ADANLETE FOLLYKUE has to meet in Belgium. Born in a family from artist, (the dad was a saxophonist and played in the full orchestras of Togo Mello togo, Orchestre of FAT etc its little brother Assion Adanlete is an artist experienced plastics technician, several uncle which is actors or plastics technician resident in Germany or in the Togo) Follykué who was from her formation Secrétaire shorthand writing typist correspondence clerk, Technicien of breeding turned back has all the proposals for a recruiting to make only you theatre and painting, it believes so much in its art that it decided during a course moment spent in teaching to retrogress to find the scene. ITS THEATRICAL ACHIEVEMENTS _LE BLACK WIRE of Charles Manian adaptation and put in scene with LAMPION THEATRE: Distribution, follykué Adanlété, Marc AGBEDZIDZI, SONABEY Godwin, With club UNESCO David Ghent, Marc AGBEDZIDZI, Bazile - WHITE SQUARE ON BLACK BOTTOM of Charles Manian DISTIBUTIONS: SONABEY GODWIN, APEGNOWOU FYL, AFANOU FOFO - NOT HELD PROMISE of ADANLETE FOLLYKUEDISTRIBUTION: Victor Amedo Adanlete follykue Zougbede Jean-Pierre

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