Jean-Pierre Bers Mbalaka (Bers Grandsinge)

Jean-Pierre Bers Mbalaka (Bers Grandsinge)
Fine artist, Multimedia artist
Principal country concerned : Column : Music, Fine arts, Photo, Fashion, Media, Design

Bers Grandsinge, contemporary truth (African) through its own conceptual optics.
Grandsinge the artist with the multiple facets one is impassioned of Article an inexhaustible creativity, plastics technician, photographer, textile draftsman, numerical art and musician, a key with very which expresses a real talent.
Chronicle of a production devotes more than 20 years of creation around a very personal technique which it developed with the beginning of the year 80 and which been worth to him in 1991 the price of new Article.
Gigantic numerical impressions, fusion of its painting and photography, its famous thread-like silhouettes with figure négroïde, nuances in a single style with the very contemporary invoice. It varies the support and subject attached to its Belgium of adoption exploiting them through and done topicality of our company, in particular the Agusta business and dioxane?
Born in Ipamu (ex-Zaire), Grandsinge Bers, one of the first Congolese artist installed in Belgium to defend the contemporary art under the councils of Jean Michel Basquiat whom it met in Harlem in 1985 via the famous New Yorkean painter Franco. It is Basquiat which for purposes of a conversation called it of "larger monkey of Africa", consequently Bers will sign and become Grandsinge.
A work presented on several occasions in Europe and to the United States, Harlem Street Gallery International, the gallery Fine Sabine Wachters Arts (Brussels - Knokke) also passing by some national institutions, Tervuren, Iselp, the Law courts, the Palate of Beautiful arts of Brussels etc?
Creations of national Grandsinge traversed the world and seen country since the article of the journalist Marc Metedepennigen published in the newspaper the Evening (June 1988) entitled "Research opinion and discovered of a African teller of heart,? a very required Zairean artist for his talent and by the administration?", indeed, the very same day of his arrival in the artistic arena of Brussels, the artist was struck of an order to leave the territory?
A true artist who is detached from any cultural movement and is characterized by his art expressed through a real talent.
With the menu of this "Chronicle of a production" creations of Grandsinge crowned by him even through a musical performance which will celebrate the exit of its first individual!


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