Dzaleka Cultural Association

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Dzaleka Cultural Association (DCA) was created in response to the numerous and various conflicts within Dzaleka's social groups due to ignorance, misunderstanding, or intolerance of each other's cultures.

Many people in Dzaleka and its surrounding villages have great talents and interesting skills but they do not have a chance to present what they have. Many artists lose hope and give up because they miss a space to exhibit their artworks and money to promote themselves, meaning they are unable to contribute to the wider life of the community.

Many people in Dzaleka are traumatised by conflict, war, rape, and other problems they have encountered both in their home countries and in the refugee camp. Consequently, people do not have a chance to smile and enjoy themselves in order to see and live life positively.


To make Dzaleka and its surrounding villages a better place to live, with people living in peace, harmony, and collaboration, understanding and proud of what they have as values.



The mission of DCA is:

a) to take concerted action of socio-cultural development;

b) to contribute to the psychological rehabilitation of people having been be affected by the various conflicts through engagement with the arts and cultural events.



 DCA aims:

a) to educate the population about peaceful cooperation within and between communities;

b) to give people the chance to share cultures and ideas;

c) to promote various cultures and talents from the camp to a wider audience;

d) to share, engage, and connect with other cultural associations both within and beyond Malawi. The association may record, film, and photograph its cultural events to serve such a purpose.

 Intervention strategies

. to organize reflection days on peace.

. to organize cultural and historic days for young generations and those who want to know more about other countries.

. to organize workshops (e.g. creative writing, singing, drawing) in order to develop artistic talents.

. to organize cultural events such as concerts, exhibition of artworks (painting, sculptures, photos, etc.), video showings, plays, beauty contests, and different festivals.

. to create a cultural magazine (quarterly).

. to visit schools to promote values like discipline, obedience, peace, respect, and artistic expression.

 Target group

All communities living in Dzaleka Refugee Camp and Malawians living in the surrounding villages.

 Areas of intervention

. Cultural education.

. Cultural development.


Peace, harmony, and kinship.


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