Sortie du fim "Où vas-tu Moshé ?" le 9 juin (Finemachiyamoché)

Genre : Issue

From thursday 03 june to monday 09 august 2010

Times : 00:00
Principal country concerned : Column : Cinema/tv

The bar "Chez Pierre"is a meeting-place for the inhabitants of Bejjad, a small town in Morocco. Pierre's death coincides with the departure of the French and the clandestine exodus of Jews to Israel and Europe: the bar is about to be closed...-
In the early 1960s, after Morocco's independence from France, many of the country's Jews clandestinely left for Israel. In Finemachiyamoshe (Where Are You Going Moshe?), the Jews of the little town of Bejjad plot their departure with the help of their rabbi. One thing, however, worries them: Will Berbeq'ha, the idiot who thinks he's a general, leave too? Once he learns of the Jews' plans, Mustapha, the bar-owner, panics; if all the non-Muslims leave, the Law will make him close the bar. How will he avoid such a disaster? He'll have to hold back one Jew! That's Hassan's idea, anyway. He's Mustapha's son and lover of Rachel, Shlomo's daughter. What will become of the Bejjad bar?

Hassan Benjelloun
Anne-Marie Gélinas
Andrew Noble

Director and Scriptwriter
Hassan Benjelloun

Director of Photography
Kamal Derkaoui

Aube Foglia

Fawzi Thabet
Philippe Attié
Luc Boudrias

Simon Elbaz
Abdelkader Lotfi
Hassan Essakalli
Mohamed Tsouli
Rim Shmaou

Bentaqerla Productions, Productions Jeux d'Ombres


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