Bwana Jogoo: the ballad of Jessy Gitta

  • Bwana Jogoo: the ballad of Jessy Gitta
Genre : Political
Type : Documentary
Original title :
Principal country concerned : Column : Cinema/tv
Year of production : 2019
Format : Feature
Running time : 67 (in minutes)

BWANA JOGOO investigates the disappearance of Jessy Gitta Kasirivu, a well known musician in Uganda in the 1970's.

The music documentary BWANA JOGOO: THE BALLAD OF JESSY GITTA tells the story of Jessy Gitta Kasirivu, a well-known Ugandan musician. In the early morning of August 4, 1974, he gets violently arrested by Idi Amin's infamous State Research Bureau (SRB) agents.

A love triangle between a musician, a president and a queen dancer, leading to the brutal death of the musician at the hands of Idi Amin's State Research Bureau henchmen.

A film by Michiel van Oosterhout

Uganda, 2019, Music docudrama, 1hr7 min

Original Title: Bwana Jogoo: the ballad of Jessy Gitta
Genre : Portrait, music, Political, Disappearance, History
Duration: 67 min

At the centre of the documentary ‘Bwana Jogoo: The Ballad of Jessy Gitta' is a love triangle between the 1970's Cranes band bass player Jessy Gitta Kasirivu, President Idi Amin Dada and Sarah ‘Suicide' Kyolaba, a then 17 year old go-go dancer. Jessy Gitta is Sarah's lover when Amin also starts dating her, with dire consequences for Jessy.

Produced by: Cyril Ducottet

Directed by: Michiel van Oosterhout
Cinematography by: Cyril Ducottet

Production: DFH

2019 | 12th Bayimba International Festival of the Arts | 1st to 4th August 2019
* Screening: Sat 3 August 2019, 7PM, Lunkulu Island, Mukono, Uganda


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