Challat Of Tunis

  • Challat de Tunis (Le) | Challat Tunes
Genre : Drama
Type : Docu-drama
Original title : Challatt Tunes
Principal country concerned : Column : Cinema/tv

Through the legend of Challatt, a supposed fundamentalist who slashes women's buttocks with a razorblade in Tunisia, the film exposes a country in transition between dictatorship and Islamic rule, tackling with humor and intimacy such important subjects as women's rights, government oppression and censorship.

A film by Kaouther Ben Hania

Tunisia, France, Canada and United Arab Emirates / 2013 / Arabic dialogue with English subtitles / Colour / DCP / 89 minutes

Producers: Habib Attia, Julie Paratian, Paul Scherzer
Director: Kaouther Ben Hania
Scriptwriter: Kaouther Ben Hania
Cinematographer: Sofiane El Fani
Editor: Nadia Ben Rachid
Composer: Benjamin Violet, Si Lemhaf

Producer : Habib Attia

Production Companies: Cinétéléfilms (Tunisia) / Sister Productions (France)

Company: Cinétéléfilms

with the Support of Francophone Film Fund (OIF / CIRTEF)


Mr Habib Attia
Cinétéléfilms, Tunis
Telephone: +21623449001

2013 | 10th DIFF - Dubai International Film Festival Dubai International Film Festival 2013, Dubai, UAE
* Selection - Muhr Arab Feature

2013 | 70th Mostra, Venice, Italy
* Selection - Final Cut in Venice
* Screening with Q&A: 31 August 2013 - 11h30 - Palazzo del Cinema, Sala Pasinetti
- € 16,800 put up by Cinemage/Groupe Image (Paris) for digital color correction, corresponding to 7 days of work (56 hours, technician included)
- Printing of a 35mm copy (without subtitles) or contribution toward the cost of making a DCP offered by the Fribourg International Film Festival.



تونس العاصمة صيف عام 2003، يتجوّل رجل مجهول على دراجته في شوارعها، يُنادونه "الشلاّط"ويحمل شفرة يضرب فيها أرداف أجمل النساء اللاتي يمشين على أرصفة المدينة. بين حي وآخر، تتردد في شأنه أكثر الحكايات جنوناً. لقد أمسى "الشلاّط"شخصية غامضة، تحيط بها هالة من الرعب والاشاعات. الكلّ يتحدّثُ عنه لكن ما من أحدٍ قد رآه. بعد قيام الثورة التونسية تقوم مخرجة عنيدة بالسعي لكشف ملابسات شخصية "الشلاّط"وما أحيط بها من غموض



Estate 2003, un motociclista, armato di rasoio, si aggira per le strade di Tunisi sfregiando le natiche delle donne che passeggiano. Dieci anni più tardi, dopo la rivoluzione, quando la verità sembra a portata di mano, una regista testarda si mette sulle sue tracce e vuole a tutti i costi svelarne il mistero.

di Kaouther Ben Hania

Tunisia, 92', Fiction

Habib Attia - Cinetelefilms
Julie Paratian - Sister Productions


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