• Fate
Genre : Drama
Type : Fiction
Original title :
Principal country concerned : Column : Cinema/tv
Year of production : 2006
Format : Feature
Running time : 118 (in minutes)

Kate Komuntale (Nantongo Justine) a high flying Kampala Corporate Executive in her thirties, has got it all except a family: a husband and a child. Society builds pressure on her to marry so as to complete her success. In that quagmire, Ken Bagonza (Allie Mutaka), a smooth talking Intelligence Officer, breezes into the scene and easily sweeps Kate off her feet up to the altar.

But Ken has a sinister agenda… Bliss turns to hell. Kate has to dig deeper into her inner reservoir of strength to survive Ken's crazy womanizing, wild temper and above all singly parent 'sensitive' Ivan … Is it Fate or choice?


Summary for official catalogues

Kate a working class rich lady in her thirties has got everything in life except a husband and a child. She is under intense pressure from her mother to get married so that society can appreciate her successes. In that quagmire Kate rushes into marriage (which she finances herself) with Ken whom she barely knows. But the smooth talking Intelligence Officer (Ken) has a sinister agenda: to get money and be able to move about with other young University and college girls so that he can infect them with HIV which he acquired from a sugar mummy. The sugar mummy picked him from the street where 'fate' dropped him after his parents and most of his relatives had died of HIV/AIDS. Bliss turns to hell for Kate, she gets HIV, she is abused by her husband and has the trauma of not breast-feeding her child who she produces HIV negative because of PMTCT.  Kate has to also tell her boss of her zero status which was a requirement in her place of work so that help could be given to HIV positive employees. With a very violent marriage, Kate chases Ken from her house and she singly parents her son Ivan. Ivan is a very sensitive boy and he kept asking the mother sensitive questions like "why are you always quarrelling with dad?" and many others, which made her tell the young boy many "bad" things about Ken. Ivan hated his father so much that he would call him to abuse him.

Kate, who is now living on Anti-retrovirals, has to tell her son that she has AIDS. She finds it very hard explaining HIV/AIDS and its causes to the young boy of nine years who is very naïve and inquisitive but he is convinced that AIDS is caused by mosquitoes! Fortunately Kate's revelation to Ivan helps her because Ivan takes the responsibility of reminding his mother to take medicine on time and also entertaining her which keeps her living on positively. 

On the contrary Ken, who has been living a reckless life spreading HIV in hopes of killing the whole world, falls sick, he goes back to his wife to ask for forgiveness. On his death-bed he confesses to Kate how he infected her intentionally and begs Kate to apologize on his behalf to the number of young girls he had infected so that he can die with a clean conscience. 

The list is endless having Kenyan students at Kampala International University, Congolese, Makerere university students, Rwandese girlfriends and most shocking was Kate's own niece and a house maid. Ken dies after the confession, at the burial Kate is sad but she decides to leave her history behind and move on with life. Is it Fate or choice? 




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