Tree of Spirits

  • Arbre aux esprits (L')
Genre : Animation
Type : Animation
Original title :
Principal country concerned : Column : Cinema/tv
Year of production : 2005
Format : Mid-length
Running time : 45 (in minutes)

This wondrous story takes place between the ancient world of spirits and the modern world of environmental issues in Africa. In the savannas, Kodou and Tano meet Ayoka, the guardian of a beautiful ancient tree threatened by a ruthless businessman who intends to cut it down. The children know that without the magical baobab tree, the passage to the surface is forever closed and the spirit of rain will never be able to reappear. Kodou, guided by Ayoka, goes on a quest to find his ancestors who will help save the tree, while Tano stays hidden in the branches of the tree to guard it. Kodou and Akoya discover that the baobab is the passage between two worlds - the spiritual world and the world of humans. The liminal area between those two worlds is where the future of the land will be decided. directed by Cilia Sawadogo ·Burkina Faso 2005 · 45m · Digibeta · French with English subtitles · Animation _________ Nella brousse africana Kodou e Tano incontrano Ayoka, la guardiana di un grande baobab minacciato da un imprenditore senza scrupoli. Kodou scopre che il baobab è la porta verso un altro mondo, quello degli antenati e decide di affrontare il viaggio nell'altra dimensione per chiedere il loro aiuto a ristabilire l'equilibrio della natura. Animato in 3D, il film attinge a varie fonti iconografiche africane, ma anche al fantasy e alla fantascienza, ricostruendo un mondo magico e suggestivo di grande originalità. di Cilia Sawadogo Burkina Faso / Canada - 2006


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