Un jour pour les femmes (A Day For Women) - يوم للستات

  • Un jour pour les femmes (A Day For Women) - [...]
Type : Fiction
Original title : Youm Lel Setat [arabic Title]
Principal country concerned : Column : Cinema/tv
Year of production : 2016
Format : Feature
Running time : 105 (in minutes)

"A Day for the Women" takes place over the course of 24 hours in a disadvantaged Egyptian neighborhood where a youth sports center decides to assign a "women-only" day by the swimming pool. Events unfold as the social, psychological and emotional consequences of this decision weigh on the women of the neighborhood.

A new swimming pool in town causes much chatter, particularly because Sunday has been announced as a day for women. Bringing together a diverse group of women from the small community is an unexpected equaliser - and no one is more excited than Azza, who dreams of wearing a swimsuit. Naturally, the men can't help but be curious - and find their own colourful way of protesting against the women's day. But there is also a darker undercurrent at play - Lula's brother is becoming more extremist in his views. A topical reflection on community, co-existence and freedom.

A film by Kamla Abou Zekri

Egypt, 2016, Fiction, 1h45 mins., Color, Arabic dialogue with English subtitles

starring Elham Shahin, Mahmoud Hemida, Nelly Karim, Eyad Nassar, Farouk El Fishawy, Ahmed El Fishawy, Ahmed Dawoud, Nahed El Sebaï, Hala Sedki, Ragaa' Hussein

Original Language: Arabic
Genre: Drama
Rating: 15+
Contains: Adult References, Brief Sex and Coarse Language

Director: Kamla Abou Zekri

Screenplay: Hanaa' Attia

Cinematography: Nancy Abdel Fattah

Editing: Moataz El-Kateb

Composer : Tamer Karawan

Producer: Elham Shahin

Elham Shahin,
Mahmoud Hemida,
Nelly Karim,
Eyad Nassar,
Farouk El Fishawy,
Ahmed El Fishawy,
Ahmed Dawoud,
Nahed El Sebaï,
Hala Sedki,
Ragaa' Hussein

Production: Shahin Film

Contact: Maissa, Tel: +20 111 166 7647

2017 | 20e Festival du cinéma africain de Khouribga - FCAK 2017, Maroc
* Grand prix Ousmane Sembène

2017 | Arab Women Film Festival | Sweden
* Projection / SCREENING: MARCH 19 21.30, PANORA

2016 | Dubai International Film Festival
* Première du Golfe / GCC Premiere

2016 | 38th Cairo International Film Festival - CIFF 2016 | Cairo, Egypt | 15-24 November 2016
* International Competition for Feature and Documentary : Official Selection
* Best Actress Award, to Nahed El Sebaï
* Nominated: Golden Pyramid (for Best Film), Kamla Abu-Zekri



تدور أحداث "يوم للستات" على مدار أربعة وعشرين ساعة في أحد أحياء مصر الفقيرة حيث يقرر مركزا للشباب أن يُخصص يوماً خاصاً بحمام السباحة للنساء فقط. تكشف الأحداث عن عواقب هذا القرار على الحياة الاجتماعية، النفسية والعاطفية لنساء الحي

إخراج: كاملة أبو ذكري

روائي، 2016، ألوان، 105 د

اللغة الأصلية: العربية

إخراج: كاملة أبو ذكري

السيناريو: هناء عطية

التصوير: نانسي عبد الفتاح

المونتاج: معتز الكاتب

المنتج: إلهام شاهين

إنتاج: شاهين فيلم

الاتصال: Maissa, +20 111 166 7647

تمثيل: إلهام شاهين، محمود حميدة، نيللي كريم، إياد نصار، فاروق الفيشاوي، أحمد الفيشاوي، أحمد داوود، ناهد السباعي، هالة صدقي، رجاء حسين


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