'OY' workshop - unlocking creativity and stimulating minds

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Release/publication date : May 2015
Published on : 05/05/2015

The DCMA has been delighted to host the Berlin-based band 'OY' made up of Joy Frempong and Marcel Blatti, and accompanying them Jan Stehle sound engineer, courtesy of the SDC visited the DCMA as part of a tour of Tanzania to offer a three-day Music Technology Workshop.

The Swiss Embassy actively supports music in Tanzania and having heard OY at 'Sauti za Busara' in 2014 realised the potential for Tanzanian musicians to learn from this unique and accomplished band.

Joy is a Swiss-Ghanaian musician/vocalist who takes her inspiration for lyrics and her music from, for example, traveling in Africa, listening to people's stories and local proverbs and everyday sounds. Lleluja -Ha is the percussionist and producer.

'OY's music is characterised by a rich and mesmerizing field of electronic sound, wild thundering drums, live instruments, and captivating soulful vocals. What also makes 'OY's music so abundantly full are the use of the sounds captured from everyday life, recorded and woven-in to add to the complexity of sounds and rhythms produced.

This curiosity about everything from people's lives to the sounds of the environment has a lateral effect of awakening the mind to the possibility of what can and cannot be done to make music and this was the essence of the workshop - how to take the human element and with the help of technology create exotic and mind expanding music.


Kwame Mchauru who works for the SDC and organized the workshop had this to say," For me, it was a very interesting experience to watch and see how students' adapted to the experience. You could visibly see how students' minds expanded as they realized the potential of this kind of music making, and it was wonderful to hear one of the groups who, as well as just recording, actually demonstrated the use of loops and sound effects in the workshop. In a sense these three days were just a beginning and the challenge will be - how to continue with this experience, continue to make music and practice what they have learned without the necessary devices to record and create sound effects."

OY have generously offered to stay in touch with students who have questions and need support to continue with this creative experience. The DCMA are fortunate to have Mr. Adel Dabo (DCMA Board Member)who has experience of music technology and is willing to hold music appreciation and technology workshops in the future if students are interested, the need is there and the equipment is found to continue.


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