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About GötaFilm

GÖTAFILM (est.1988) is one of the leading independent film companies in Scandinavia and acts as a producer and creator of feature films for cinema as well as drama and documentaries for TV. We also act as line-producer and co-producer for international projects in Scandinavia. GötaFilm has received numerous supports from the MEDIA Programme of the European Union. Over the past 17 years GötaFilm has delivered 35 high quality productions that show the breadth, height and depth of our total output.


At the moment we have several new projects in the pipeline in various stages of development: SAMURAJSOMMAR (Samurai summer) written by Jens Jonsson, a family movie based on the crime writer Åke Edwardson's novel with the same name; NÅD (Mercy) written by Oskar Söderlund and SIMON written by Marnie Blok, based on the novel 'Simon and the oaks' by Marianne Fredriksson, a co-production with Asta Film in Denmark. We have one project in pre-production, MARIA LARSSONS EVER LASTING MOMENT, written by Niklas Rådström to be directed by Jan Troell, to be co-produced with Final Cut in Denmark and Motlys in Norway. The two high quality drama series, SALTÖN II and UPP TILL KAMP (How soon is now!?) will be released on Swedish Television during this year.


GötaFilm produced UPP TILL KAMP (How soon is now!?), in co-production with Swedish Television and Film i Väst, an epic TV drama (4 episodes) about love, rebellion and growing up in an age when all is possible. CIO BELLA , a humorous feature about teenage love during the world's biggest football tournament, the Gothia Cup was produced together with Sandrew Metronome and Film i Väst.
GötaFilm also produced four more episodes of SALTÖN II, based on the two last novels about the west coast archipelago dramatized and directed by Carin Mannheimer. The feature OFFSIDE, written by Oskar Söderlund and directed by Mårten Klingberg, was theatrically released in August with great success.


GötaFilm produced the comedy OFFSIDE in association with MTV Mastiff, Sandrew Metronome, Svedish Television and Film i Väst with the support from the Swedish Film Institute and Nordic Film & TV Fond. The documentary REPETITIONER (Rehearsals) participated in the Joris Ivens Competition at IDFA, won the It's All True 2005 Award for Best International Documentary (Brazil) and was shown at YIDFF in Japan. The 5-hour TV-series SALTÖN was a great success and took 30% of the Swedish viewers.


GötaFilm produced SALTÖN in co-production with Swedish Television and Film i Väst. The series is based on Viveca Lärn's novels, which have been dramatized and directed by the director Carin Mannheimer. The final version of the documentary REPETITIONER (Rehearsals) by Michal Leszczylowski and Gunnar Källström was theatrically released. GötaFilm also co-produced the feature GAME OVER with KinoFinlandia/Finland, Film i Väst and Globe Film/UK. SOLIASTERNA (The Soloists) won Prix Europe 2004! DETALJER (Details) won the national award "Guldbaggen" for best male actor.

Earlier productions by GötaFilm


• SOLISTERNA (The Soloists) written by Åsa Lantz and directed by Geir Hansteen Jörgensen, a drama series in three parts for Swedish Television.
• SMALA SUSSIE (Slim Susie), a gangster-comedy by Ulf Malmros, and
• DETALJER (Details), built on a stage play by Lars Norén and directed by Kristian Petri, had theatrical releases.


• DETALJER (Details) a Swedish, Danish, English, Italian co-production.
• VIRUS IN PARADISE co-produced with Cipango/Paris, Film i Väst, CNC/France and others the French mini-series (2 x 90´) for France 2 and SVT/Sweden.
• SMALA SUSSIE (Slim Susie) a gangster-comedy feature was produced.
• BÄST I SVERIGE (We can be heroes), was released in cinema.
• DET NYA LANDET (The new country) won Prix Europe 2002!


• GÖTEBORGSDRAMAT, a joint venture, is formed together with MTV Mastiff; a first look-deal is formed with Sandrew/Metronome International.
• DET NYA LANDET ("The New Country") received a number of International prices and took part in the Berlin Film Festival (won the Ecumenic Price), and more than 50 other festivals during 2001-2002. A feature was released for an International market.
• THREE DAYS IN EUROPE, a documentary for TV, about the EU-Summit in Gothenburg in June 2001.
• BÅST I SVERIGE ("We can be heroes!"), a feature by Ulf Malmros and Peter Birro.


• DET NYA LANDET ("The New Country"), a 4 part series for SVT by Peter Birro and Lukas Moodysson, directed by Geir Hansteen Jörgensen
• OVANLIG VÄNSKAP, a film and a book by Annamaria Dahlöf
• THE LOVERS OF SAN FERNANDO, an epic documentary by Peter Torbiörnsson
• REPETITIONER (Rehearsals), documentary by Michal Leszczylowski and Gunnar Hellström


• SJUKHUSET ("The Hospital"), 8-part documentary series for TV 4 by A Berggren and C Javér.
• HILDAS EXTAS, short film by Boel Amegrissi.
• HONOUR OF THE HOUSE, feature by Gudny Halldorsdottir. Icelandic co-production.


• ELDSJÄLAR ("Driving Forces"), 5-part documentary by 5 directors for SVT.
• SOMMARSPRÅNG, short film by Boel Amergrissi
• DRAKRESAN, by Ylva Julén, for "Stockholm Cultural Capital of Europe 98".


• TEL AL ZAATAR - THE ROAD BACK documentary by Carl Javér och Anders Berggren and Eva Ståhl-Hammad.
• SLUSSEN ("The Lock"), short film by Laúrus Óskarsson
• SOMMAREN received a "Guldbagge", the main Swedish film award.


• RUSAR I HANS FAMN, feature by Lennart Hjulström
• BILKRIGET ("The Car War"), 4-part contemporary TV-documentary by Monica Hiirsch.
• SOMMAREN participated at Cannes film festival "Quinzaine des Réalisateurs" .


• SOMMAREN ("Between summers"), feature by Kristian Petri.
• NADJA, short film by Susanna Edwards.


• FIVE SHORT NORDIC STORIES; KONSULTEN, short film by Thomas Ryberger.
• BANANBÅTEN ("the Banana Boat"), documentary by Peter Arnbert.


• TALA! DET ÄR SÅ MÖRKT ("Speak Up! It's so dark"), feature by Suzanne Osten, Berlin Film Festival-93.
• EN DAG PÅ STRANDEN ("A Day at the Beach"), by Bjölrn Runge., Göteborg Film Festival "90 Minutes of the 1990s."
• SPRICKAN participated in Cannes: "Semaine de la critique".


• SPRICKAN ("The Crack") short film by Kristian Petri, short film selected at the Cannes Film Festival 1992.
• UNDER ISEN, short film by Stig Larsson.
• ÖGONBLICKETS BARN, short film by Bjölrn Runge.-all 3 for SVT.
• ENERGY AND MOBILITY, a corporate film for Volvo .


• KURT OLSSON, feature by Håkan Wennberg, 94 min, for Svensk Filmindustri.
• SJUNG UT OM FLYKTINGARNA documentary by Jan Josefsson for SVT.

Members of the staff

Title: Producer
Name: Christer Nilson

Title: Producer
Name: Olle Wirenhed

Title: Producer/Project manager
Name: Helena Wirenhed

Title: Producers assistant/Coordinator
Name: Camilla Smids

Title: Dramaturge/Script development
Name: Oskar Söderlund

Title: Accountant
Name: Annika Rutström


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