Racisme, Eurocentrisme et Luttes Politiques - Université d'été du CES

Genre : Seminar | Coimbra

From sunday 30 august to saturday 05 september 2015

Times : 00:00
Principal country concerned : Column : History/society, Intercultural/migrations

Course description

This Summer School addresses debates and contemporary struggles against racism and Eurocentrism at three levels: in the production of knowledge, public policy and grassroots movements. Its main objectives are: a) to discuss the Eurocentric knowledge production of the history of (anti-)colonialism, enslavement and racism, through the questioning of concepts and dominant approaches in the political and academic world; b) to discuss key concepts for understanding complex political processes (in particular, racial state, violence, nation, citizenship); c) to present a variety of cases of research in different international contexts and with different disciplinary approaches (Sociology, History, Philosophy, Political Economy, Geography); d) to promote a critical analysis of public policies for integration and combating discrimination; e) to engage in dialogue with the alternatives that have been proposed by grassroots movements in challenging Eurocentric knowledge production and dissemination, including the presentation of initiatives in the context of informal education and education through arts. The School aims to promote a dialogue between the production of knowledge in academia and grassroots movements, considering the power relations and political struggles that condition this dialogue and the possible articulations between the two areas.

Faculty will recommend a list of texts related to the topics and conceptual approach of each session, to be distributed among the participants.

Thematic area(s) of the course
Eurocentrism, knowledge production, public policies, (anti-)racism, grassroots movements

Graduate students in social sciences and humanities, researchers, political activists and members of NGOs in the field of anti-racism and human rights, schoolteachers, journalists.

Researchers responsible
- Marta Araújo, marta@ces.uc.pt
- Silvia Rodríguez Maeso, srodrig@ces.uc.pt

Teaching team
- Marta Araújo (CES, University of Coimbra; principal researcher)
- Silvia R. Maeso (CES, University of Coimbra; principal researcher)
- Ruthie Wilson Gilmore (City University of New York, Director of The Center for Place, Culture and Politics)
- Kwame Nimako (University of California - Berkeley, Lecturer at the Department of African American Studies)
- Katy Sian (University of Manchester, Hallsworth Research Fellowship at the School of Social Sciences)
- Benjamin de Paula (CES / Universidade Federal da Uberlândia)
- Mario Espinoza Pino (Complutense University of Madrid)
- Sónia Vaz Borges (Universidade de Humbolt -Berlin)
- Marcos Silva (PUC São Paulo)
- Flávio Almada, Plataforma Gueto, Lisbon, Portugal
- Partie des Indigènes de la République, France
- Anabela Rodrigues - GTO-LX Projecto Ami Afro (Teatro do Oprimido, Lisboa, Portugal)
- Mamadou Ba (SOS Racismo)
- Bruno Gonçalves (SOS Racismo / ROMED - Mediation for Roma)
- Piménio Ferreira (Independant)

Information / Venue

- 250 euros (until May, 16)
- 300 euros (after May, 16 until June, 30)

Minimum number of registrations: 20
Maximum number of registrations: 25

Dates and times of course:
30 August - 5 September
(2 daily sessions; morning 10am-1pm | afternoon 2.30pm- 5.30pm


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