Cercle des pouvoirs (Le)

  • Cercle des pouvoirs (Le)
Genre : Drama
Type : Fiction
Original title : N'Deussa [former title]
Principal country concerned : Column : Cinema/tv
Year of production : 1997
Format : Feature
Running time : 115 (in minutes)

Jisset is brilliant and popular journalist. He works for the "Perroquet", an independent weekly, and is conducting an investigation on the suspicious activities of one of the most important businessmen in the country, Moni-Sam. Straight after the devaluation of the CFA franc, this ruthless man who is even ready to sacrifice people's lives, gets involved in all sorts of shady deals. During his investigation, Jisset meets Sifoh, a beautiful young model and fashion designer whom he falls in love with, and whom Moni-Sam covets.
Risking his own life Jisset tries to take advantage of the wind of change in favor of democracy in Africa to break the hold power and money have over his country. But because of the rivalry over Sifoh, added to the troublesome investigation conducted by the journalist, Moni-Sam would like to eliminate Jisset by any means, including witchcraft.

Original screenplay: Daniel Kamwa, Jules Takam
Running time: 115'
35 mm colour
Feature Film
Original version in French
Director of Photography: Henri Czap
Sound: Jean-Pierre Houël
Music: Tom Yom's
Editing: Sophie Bastien-Groult

Daniel Kamwa (Jisset), Ambroise Mbia (Moni Sam), Aissatou Gidjir (Sifoh), Françoise Kamga (Mme Moni Sam), Gaylord Kamwa (Dina)

Daniel Kamwa,
4, rue Gustave-Rouanet, 75018 Paris (France).
Telephone: 33 (1) 42 54 77 72
Fax: 33 (1) 42 54 79 94

TAMO,B.P.560, Douala (Cameroon).

With the participation of:
FONDS SUD CINEMA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Centre National de la Cinématographie - France), ministère de la Culture (Cameroon), ACCT (France), Guinness (Cameroon).

Contact in France:
Daniel Kamwa,
4, rue Gustave-Rouanet, 75018 Paris.
Telephone: 33 (1) 42 54 77 72
Fax: 33 (1) 42 54 79 94


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