Last among the Men (The)

Derniers parmi les hommes (Les)
Genre : Social
Type : Fiction
Original title :
Principal country concerned : Column : Cinema/tv
Year of production : 2010
Format : Mid-length
Running time : 52 (in minutes)

The Indian caste system defines social classes by thousands of endogamous hereditary groups, or jatis, and four varnas, the Brahmins (teachers, scholars and priests), the Kshatriyas (kings and warriors), the Vaishyas (farmers and traders), and Shudras (artisans, service providers, labourers). Despite constitutional outlawing of caste-based discrimination, the caste system, in various forms, continues to mark Indian society and more than 160 million people are considered "untouchable", people tainted by their birth into a system that deems them impure. Laws notwithstanding, discrimination against the Dalits is rampant. This film investigates their condition in the state of Tamil Nadu.

France / 2010 / Couleur / 52 min / Dir.: Sophie Azemar


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