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Genre : Drama
Type : Fiction
Original title : Rasayel El Bahr - رسائل البحر
Principal country concerned : Column : Cinema/tv
Year of production : 2010
Format : Feature
Running time : 133 (in minutes)

Yahia, a young man who just graduated from medical school suffers from problems with pronunciation. The contempt his classmates have for him causes him to abandon medicine to become a fisherman, and he meets a new group of people.

A man witnesses the drastic changes in society as he goes back to the Alexandria of his youth.
Alexandria, the cosmopolitan city on the northern shore of Egypt,was once home to a multi-cultural society. Egyptians, Greeks, Italians, Christians, Muslims and Jews, were all living there in harmony. But now, a new form of Islamic driven capitalism is transforming the city into a mono-culture that ignores this past and rich complexity. Yehia is a witness to these changes as the death of his mother takes him back to the famed city where he recollects the memories of his childhood. Rich encounters with old and new friends introduce him to the new face of the city and confront him with a Muslim fundamentalist tenant who tries to kick this open-minded clique out of his newly owned building.

Release Date: 2010
Original Title: "Rasayel El Bahr"
Studio: Al Arabia Cinema
Director: Dawoud Abdel Sayed (Daoud ABDEL SAYED)
Scriptwriter: Dawoud Abdel Sayed - داوود عبد السيد
Director of Photography: Ahmed El Morsy - أحمد المرسي
Music Composer: Rageh Dawoud - رجاه داوود
Editor: Mona Rabie - منى ربعي
Art Director: Onsy Abou Seif
Head Of Production Emad Mourad
Executive Producer Ehab Ayoub

آسر ياسين، بسمة، نبيه لطفي
Asser Yaseen
Nabiha Lotfy
Mohamed Lotfy

Genre: Drama
Running time: 133 min.
Production: عماد مراد، ايهاب أيوب
Distributor: Al Arabia Cinema

Sahar El Sherbini
Al Arabia Cinema - 21 Ahmed Orabi Str. Mohandessine 7th Floor - Cairo 12411 - Egy
Tel. : +202 33452461 - 62 / Cell: + 20 10 10 40007 - Fax : + 202 33444030
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2010 | 23ème JCC, Tunis
* Official competition feature films
* Leading Actor's Award (Prix d'Interprétation masculine) to Asser Yassine
pour avoir porte avec modestie, humilité et fraicheur, un personnage partant a la recherche de son identité dans un monde complexe et tortueux le jury décerne le prix d'interprétation masculine à Asser Yassine pour son rôle dans le film Messages de la mer de Daoud Abdel Sayed Egypte

يعاني الشاب يحيى المتخرج حديثا من كلية الطب من مشاكل في النطق. يدفعه احتقار زملائه له للتخلي عن مهنته القديمة وأن يصبح صيادا ويلتقي بأشخاص آخرين.

(مصر 2010)
بالألوان: 133 دقيقة
الإخراج : داوود عبد السيد
السيناريو : داوود عبد السيد
التصوير : أحمد المرسي
الموسيقى : رجاه داوود
التركيب : منى ربعي
التمثيل : آسر ياسين، بسمة، نبيه لطفي
إنتاج : عماد مراد، ايهاب أيوب


La acción transcurre en Alejandría, a donde regresa Yehia (Asser Yasee) tras la muerte de su madre y descubre una ciudad diferente a la que recordaba de su niñez. La antigua ciudad cosmopolita, muticultural, ha dado paso a una nueva manera de capitalismo regido por los principios islámicos. Sus relaciones con los antiguos vecinos y los nuevos amigos le descubrirán aspectos que no conocía.

Director: Dawoud Abdel Sayed (Daoud ABDEL SAYED)


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