Bab el-Oued City

  • Bab el-Oued City
Genre : Drama
Type : Fiction
Original title :
Principal country concerned : Column : Cinema/tv
Year of production : 1994
Format : Feature
Running time : 93 (in minutes)

Working in a bakery in a district of Algiers, Boualem is bothered by the loudspeaker, set up on his terrace, which broadcasts Islamist messages about the city all day long. Without thinking of the consequences that this act could have, he unplugs it and throws it into the sea. The Islamist extremists, led by their leader, Saïd , see this as an act of provocation and seek the guilty party to punish it. The imam of the mosque, a moderate, does not understand this rise in violence and decides to resign. Several times, Saïd meets clandestinely mysterious men who seem to command him and yet do not belong to the fundamentalist Muslim movement. Shenanigans and traffickers of all kinds sneak in. By his troops, Saïd learns that Boualem, the culprit, is also in love with his sister. The pressure is exerted on the young baker who decides to flee to another country. In spite of the dangerous time, the film was shot in Algiers.

Film Director: Merzak Allouache Starring: Nadia Kaci, Mohamed OURDACHE, Hassan Abidou, Nadia Samir Production Year: 1994 French release date: 1994-11-16 Country: France, Suisse, Allemagne, algérie French DVD release: 2004-10-07 Special features: - Interview with Merzak Allouache (31 mins) - Theatrical Trailer - Chapters Technical specifications: NTSC - Region All - DVD 9 - Feature Runtime: 93 mins - Color - 1.66:1 Aspect Ratio - Widescreen anamorphic - Algerian/French original version with subtitles in French in Mono 1.0 + French-dubbed version of the film - Film and special features optional subtitles: English - Bilingual French/English interactivity


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