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  • 18 jours - يوم
© Collectif "18 JOURS"
Genre : Drama
Type : Fiction
Original title : Tamantashar Yom
Principal country concerned : Column : Cinema/tv
Year of production : 2011
Format : Feature
Running time : 120 (in minutes)

A group of ten directors, twenty or so actors, six writers, eight directors of photography, eight sound engineers, five set designers, three costume designers, seven editors, three post-production companies, and about ten technicians have agreed to act fast and shoot, with no budget and on a voluntary basis, ten short films about the January 25 revolution in Egypt. Ten stories they have experienced, heard or imagined.

All the proceeds of this movie will be devoted to organizing convoys to provide political and civic education in the villages of Egypt.

The movies are:
RETENTION by Sherif Arafa
GOD'S CREATION by Kamla Abou Zikri
19-19 by Marwan Hamed
CURFEW by Sherif El Bendari
#TAHRIR 2/2 by Mariam Abou Ouf
WINDOW by Ahmad Abdallah
INTERIOR/EXTERIOR by Yousry Nasrallah

Interior/ Exterior: by Yousry Nasrallah
The day following the infamous "Battle of the Camels" on Tahrir Square, Mona decides to join the demonstrators. Mustafa, her husband, tries to prevent her. Their marriage is about to break.

Directed by Yousry NASRALLAH
Script: Tamer Habib, Yousry Nasrallah,
Editing: Mona Rabie,
Costume Design: Nahed Nasrallah.
Camera: Victor Credi, Yousry Nasrallah,
Sound: Ibrahim El-Dessouki, Ahmed Gaber
Cast in Order of Appearance: Mona Zakki, Yousra Asser, Yassin Am Abdo

Curfew: by Sherif El Bendary
During the curfew, Ali and his grandfather get lost on the streets of Suez on their way home.

Directed by Sherif Bendary
Script: Sherif El Bendary, Atef Nashed,
Original Score: Ibrahim Shamel,
Sound Editing & Mixing: Tamer El Demerdash,
Director of Photography: Victor Credi,
Editing: Mona Rabie
Producer: Ehab El Koury
Cast in Order of Appearance: Ahmed Fouad Selim, Ali Rozeiq, Ramadan Khater, Mohamed Hatem, Hani Taher, Morad Fekry, Karim Abu El Fath, Amro Hassan

Retention: by Sherif Arafa
The film revolves around a variety of Egyptian characters who are patients at a mental institution. We learn that some of them were forcefully confined to the hospital by security police forces. As the events of the revolution begin, the reactions of the different characters to the daily incidents and to each other's opinions start being revealed.
The position of the hospital administration also plays a key symbolic role.

Directed by Sherif Arafa
Script: Sherif Arafa,
Sound Editing & Mixing: Empire,
Original Score: Omar Khairat,
Producer: Amin El Masry,
Director of Photography: Ayman Abou El Makarem,
Editing: Hassan El Touny,
Costume Design: Inas Abdallah
Cast in Order of Appearance: Hamza El Eily, Mahmoud Samir, Hesham Mansour, Ahmed Shouman, Mohamed Abou El Wafa, Mohamed Tharwat, Nader Fransees

19/ 19: by Marwan Hamed
One of the leaders of the revolution gets arrested one day before the big day.

Directed by Marwan Hamed
Script: Abbas Abou El Hassan,
Editing: Ahmed Hafez,
Art Director: Bassel Hossam,
Director of Photography: Ahmed El Morsy,
Sound Editing & Mixing: Frequency Studios, Mohamed Hassib, Hosny Aly, Producer: Fadi Fahim
Cast in Order of Appearance: Bassem Samra, Amr Waked, Omar El Saeed, Eyad Nassar

#Tahrir 2/2: by Mariam Abou Ouf
This film tells two parallel stories about two people who come from very different backgrounds and how being on the square on February 2nd (Battle of the Camel) has changed their lives for ever.

Directed by Mariam Abou Ouf
Script: Mariam Abou Ouf,
Original Score: Hany Adel,
Sound Editing & Mixing: Gomaa Abdel Latif,
Set Decoration: Sherif Mostafa,
Director of Photography: Islam Abdel Samie,
Editing: Salma Osman,
Costume Design: Nahed Nasrallah,
Producer: Salma Osman
Cast in Order of Appearance: Mohamed Farrag, Hend Sabry, Asser Yasin, Mohamed Mamdouh

When the flood hits you by Mohamed Ali
How two marginalized from a poor social class try and succeed in making financial profit during the revolution from pictures and flags.

Directed by Mohamed Ali
Script: Belal Fadl,
Editing: Dalia El Nasser,
Producer: Fadi Fahim,
Line Producer: Sabry El Sammak
Director of Photography: Ahmed Mostafa,
Sound Editing & Mixing: Gomaa Abdel Latif
Cast in Order of Appearance: Maher Selim, Raouf Mostafa, Ahmed Habashy, Maher Essam

God's Creation: by Kamla Abou Zikri
How a girl who sells tea on the street joins the revolution, and how she finds in it a way out of her repressed life. It changes the way she thinks and feels about things, even how she feels about the color of her hair.

Directed by Kamla Abou Zikri
Script: Belal Fadl,
Editing: Mona Rabie,
Sound Editing & Mixing: Gomaa Abdel Latif,
Original Score: Mohamed Abozekry & Heejaz,
Producer: Ehab El Koury,
Director of Photography: Youssef Labib
Cast in Order of Appearance: Nahed El Sebaei, Salwa Mohamed Ali, Mohamed Termes, Suzette Swanson, Ahmed Dawood

Ashraf Seberto: by Ahmad Alaa
The film tells the story of a barber whose shop suddenly turns into a field hospital treating protesters.

Directed by Ahmad Alaa
Script: Nasser Abd El Rahman,
Original Score: Wael Badrawy,
Sound Editing & Mixing: Frequency Studios, Mohamed, Hassib Hosny Aly,
Art Director: Basel Hossam,
Director of Photography Ahmed El Morsy,
Editing: Ahmed Hafez,
Costume Design: Inas Abdallah,
Producer: Fadi Fahim
Cast in Order of Appearance: Mohamed Farrag, Mohamed Ashraf, Emy Samir Ghanem, Mohamed Tolba

Window: by Ahmad Abdalla
'Window' tells the story of a young man, who lives in his bedroom, the changes he goes through and his reactions to the revolution he did not take part in, while watching the girl who lives next door through his only window. He barely leaves his room, and we barely leave it as well. Going through many personal details, ‘Window' reviews the main events in the Egyptian Revolution through Newspapers.

Directed by Ahmad Abdalla
Script: Ahmad Abdallah,
Original Score: Amir Khalaf,
Sound Mixing: Ahmed Gaber,
Producer: Mohamed Hefzy,
Director of Photography: Tarek Hefny,
Editing: Hisham Saqr,
Art Director: Nihal Farouk
Cast in Order of Appearance: Ahmed El Fishawy, Yasmine Shash, Omar El Zoheiry, Hisham Hussein

Revolution cookies by Khaled Marei
A young naïve man who suffers from diabetes and was in a coma for 4 days, goes to his shop on Friday 28th not knowing what has been going on since the 25th.He locks himself up in his shop for the whole 18 days, scared from going outside and not knowing what is happening. He decides to document what he is going through on tape cassettes.

Directed by Khaled Marei
Script: Ahmed Helmy,
Editing: Khaled Marei,
Costume Design: Mai Galal,
Producer: Fadi Fahim,
Director of Photography: Ahmed Youssef,
Sound Editing & Mixing: Mohamed Fawzy,
Art Director: Basel Hossam.
Cast in Order of Appearance: Ahmed Helmy, Eid Abu El Hamd, Hani El Sabagh

Collective feature co-Directed by
Ahmad ABDALLAH, Mariam ABOU OUF, Kamla ABU ZIKRI, Ahmed ALAA, Mohamed ALI, Sherif ARAFA, Sherif EL BENDARY, Marwan HAMED, Khaled MAREI, Yousry NASRALLAH

Country: EGYPT
Year: 2011
Duration: 120.00 minutes

Ahmad ABDALLAH - Director
Mariam ABOU OUF - Director
Kamla ABU ZIKRI - Director
Ahmed ALAA - Director
Mohamed ALI - Director
Sherif ARAFA - Director
Sherif EL BENDARY - Director
Marwan HAMED - Director
Khaled MAREI - Director
Yousry NASRALLAH - Director

Amin El Masry, Mohamed Hefzy, Salma Osman, Fadi Fahim, Ehab El Koury


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2011 - Verona Film Festival, Italy
* Revolutions e Diapora

2011 - Cannes Film Festival
* Special Screenings


الفيلم يحكى عن علاقة زوجية مهددة بالتفكك لأن الرجل خائف على زوجته، وهى ترغب لديها رغبة فى النزول إلى ميدان التحرير، بينما هو يرفض.

يسري نصر الله







道でお茶を売る若い娘が革命に加わる。彼女はそこに息の詰まるような日常から抜け出す手段を見つける。彼女が考え、強く感じた方法は物事を変える… 彼女が髪の色を考えるということさえ。

アシュラフ セベルト:


監督 : Ahmad ABDALLAH Mariam ABOU OUF Kamla ABU ZIKRI Ahmed ALAA Mohamed ALI Sherif ARAFA Sherif EL BENDARY Marwan HAMED Khaled MAREI Yousry NASRALLAH
製作国: エジプト
製作年: 2011
上映時間: 120.00 分


Interior/ Exterior.
Durante la Revolución, la mañana siguiente a la "Batalla del Camello", Mona decide ir a la Plaza Tahrir. Mustapha, su esposo, se opone. Su matrimonio está a punto de romperse.

Toque de queda:
Durante el toque de queda, Ali y su abuelo se pierden en las calles de la ciudad de Suez intentando volver a casa.

La película gira en torno a personajes de la sociedad egipcia internados en un establecimiento siquiátrico. Nos informan que algunos de ellos fueron internados por la policía de seguridad nacional. La revolución estalla y da a conocer las reacciones de los distintos personajes frente a los incidentes cotidianos y genera el enfrentamiento de opiniones. La posición de la administración del hospital también desempeña un papel clave y simbólico.

Uno de los principales líderes revolucionarios es arrestado la víspera del gran día.

# Tahrir 2.2.
Dos historias paralelas sobre dos personas que vienen de horizontes diferentes. El hecho de estar en la Plaza Tahrir el 2 de febrero (Día de la batalla del Camello) cambiará sus vidas, tal vez para siempre.

Cuando cae el diluvio:
Cómo dos pobres marginales intentan sacar provecho económico durante la revolución sirviéndose de fotos y banderas.

La creación de Dios:
Una chica joven que vende té en la calle se une a la revolución. Así encuentra un medio de escapar de una vida de represión. Su forma de pensar y sentir cambia, incluso lo que piensa del color de su cabello.

Ashraf Seberto:
La película relata la historia de un peluquero cuyo salón se transforma de repente en un hospital de campaña para acoger a los manifestantes.

"Ventana" cuenta la historia de un hombre joven, encerrado en su habitación y reconstituye los cambios que vive durante la revolución en la que no participa. Desde la única ventana de su cuarto, pasa su tiempo observando a su vecina.

Dirigida por : Ahmad ABDALLAH Mariam ABOU OUF Kamla ABU ZIKRI Ahmed ALAA Mohamed ALI Sherif ARAFA Sherif EL BENDARY Marwan HAMED Khaled MAREI Yousry NASRALLAH
Año: 2011
Duración: 120.00 Minutos

Interior/ Exterior:
Durante a Revolução, no dia a seguir à "Batalha dos Camelos", Mona decide ir à Praça Tahrir. Mustapha, mas o seu esposo opõe-se-lhe. O seu casamento chegou a um ponto de ruptura.

Recolher obrigatório:
Durante o recolher obrigatório, Ali e o seu avô perdem-se nas ruas da cidade de Suez enquanto tentam regressar a casa.

O filme roda em torno de personagens da sociedade egípcia internados num hospital psiquiátrico. Aprendemos que alguns deles foram internados pela Polícia de Segurança Nacional. A revolução explode e revela as reacções de diversos personagens face aos incidentes diários e provoca a confrontação das opiniões. A posição da administração do hospital desempenha um papel chave simbólico.

Um dos principais líderes revolucionários é preso na véspera do grande dia.

# Tahrir 2.2:
Duas histórias paralelas, de duas pessoas pertencentes a horizontes distintos. O facto de se encontrarem ambos na Praça Tahrir, no dia 2 de Fevereiro (Dia da Batalha do Camelo), vai mudar as suas vidas, talvez para sempre. Quando o dilúvio sobrevém: Como dois pobres marginais tentam fazer benefícios financeiros durante a revolução servindo-se de fotos e de bandeiras.

A criação de Deus:
Uma rapariguinha que vende chá na rua junta-se à revolução. Ela encontra nela o meio de escapulir-se ao seu quotidiano opressivo. A sua maneira de pensar e de ressentir as coisas muda...até mesmo o que ela pensa da cor dos seus cabelos.

Ashraf Seberto:
O filme narra a história de um cabeleireiro cujo salão se transforma subitamente num hospital campestre para tratar os manifestantes.

"Janela" conta a história de um rapaz, fechado no seu quarto, e retraça as mudanças que ele vive durante a revolução em que não participa. Da única janela do seu quarto, passa o seu tempo a observar a sua vizinha.


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