Man Without a Cell phone

  • Man Without a Cell phone
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Genre : Comedy
Type : Fiction
Original title :
Principal country concerned : Column : Cinema/tv
Year of production : 2010
Format : Feature
Running time : 73 (in minutes)

Jawdat just wants to find love, and go to the university. But in a Palestinian-Israeli village, where traditional values dominate, his chances of doing so looks increasingly slim.

This endearing and sharply humorous film about Palestinian youth culture introduces viewers to a generation of twenty something slackers who find themselves caught between angry parents and suspicious Israelis, when all they really want to do is have fun and hang out.
Jawdat is a restless young man who lives in a Palestinian village in Israel. All he wants to do is go out with his friends, talk on his cellphone and find love. But these simple goals represent a near impossible task in a place dominated by politics and traditional values. Then there is his father's ongoing battle against an Israeli cellphone tower that he believes is poisoning them with radiation.
From Palestinian director Sameh Zoabi, this is a gentle comedy whose focus on laughter, rather than the politics of the region, is in itself a form of protest. With strong writing, engaging performances and fluid direction, MAN WITHOUT A CELLPHONE is highly entertaining and revolutionary in its own right.

A film by Sameh Zoabi

France, Belgium, Israel 2010, Arabic and Hebrew with English subtitles, DCP, 73 min

Starring: Razi Shawahdeh, Bassem Loulou, Louai Nofi, Naela Zarqawy, Ayman Nahas, Amer Hlehel

Social Comedy, 90 min
35 mm
Languages Arabic
Subtitles English

Jawdat - Razi Shawahdeh
Salem - Basem Loulou
Mohammad - Louay Noufi
Rana - Naela Zarqawi
Fadwa - Sanaa Shawahdeh
Suha - Maysa abed elhadi
Sami - Ayman Nahhas
Abu Khaled - Amer Hlehel
Nader - Marwan Oka
Hassan - Tareq Qubt

Director: Sameh Zoabi
Written by - Sameh Zoabi & David Rice
Director of Photography - Hichame Alaouie
Editor - Simon Jacque
Original Music - Krishna Levy
Art Director - Nael Kanj
Costumes Designer - Hamada Attalah
Casting Director - Juna Suleiman

Produced by - Amir Harel, Ayelet Kait, Marie Gutmann
Co-produced by - Jacques-Henri Bronckart
In participation with Lama Films, Meroe Films, Versus Productions, Cinema Project, the Gesher Foundation, Fonds Sud, GAN Foundation, Memento MG
Print Source: Memento Films International (MFI)

Festivals & Awards
Doha-Tribeca Film Festival 2010 - Official Selection
New Films New Directors 2011 - Official Selection


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