Calypso Rose. The Lioness of The Jungle

  • Calypso Rose
Genre : Biography
Type : Documentary
Original title : Calypso Rose Diva / Rose, la Diva du Calypso [Working Titles]
Principal country concerned : Column : Cinema/tv
Year of production : 2011
Format : Feature
Running time : 85 (in minutes)

Calypso Rose is an ambassador of Caribbean music. Living legend of Calypso music, she is a charismatic character often compared to the great Soul singers such as Aretha Franklin. She did a reprise of her famous song "Say a Little Prayer for You". Or Miriam Makeba, with who she will sing "Voodoo Lay Loo" in the 1980?s. This music, in its' rebellious and mocking style, is Trinidad & Tobago's soul, ex English colony, located in the Caribbean sea. Born in the village of Bethel in Tobago in 1940, she has been singing since the age of 15 years and hasn't stopped spreading the daily tales of her native island, on the world stages, with an inbred energy and a contagious love for life. IN 1978, she will become the first woman to be crowned "Calypso Queen" during Trinidad's famous carnival, (which after her win, was changed to the title of "Calypso Monarch"). During her career, she wrote more than 800 songs and recorded 25 albums, making her the uncontested diva of Calypso.

A film by Pascale Obolo

Documentary | France/Trinidad and Tobago | 85'

Country: France, Trinidad and Tobago, 2011
Runtime: 85'
Genre: Documentary

Directed by: Pascale Obolo
Written by: Pascale Obolo
Cinematography by: Sylvain Verdet
Music by: Calypso Rose
Editting by: Yannick Coutheron, Mathieu Desport
Produced by: Dynamo Production (Jean-Michel Gibert, Thierry Planelle, Philippe Djivas), Maturity Productions, Trinidad & Tobago Film Company

Director's Intention
Together, we retraced the footsteps of her past and present life. I was with her when she recorded her latest album in Paris, visited with her in New York where she has lived for the last twenty years and travelled with her to Tobago, the island where she was born and where returns regularly to reconnect with her African roots" and her great passion for fishing and her spirituality, and on to Trinidad, where her international career started - and all the way to Africa to rediscover her African roots.

Each location presets an important place and time in Calypso Rose's life and in each place, we learn a little more about the many faces and facets of her life - the life of a diva with a remarkable personality

Transmission as at stake on a political and cinematographic level: at the dawn of her life, I accompany a great lady down memory lane. In this quest, we find some accomplices, fellow travelers of conflict or long time friends. By advancing on the thread which links her private world to the outside, we add and subtract the rest of her dreams and her disappointments. She shares with us what makes her live and what makes us live. Because her history is also ours.


Author, Director: Pascale OBOLO

Production Companies:

Producers : Philippe DJIVAS / Jean-Michel GIBERT

Genre : Documentary
Length : 52 and 85 minutes
Camera: HD et Super 8
Estimated date to remit to PAD: March 2011 for the 85 minutes

Shooting Locations: France (Paris) ; Trinidad and Tobago ; USA (New York) ; (Benin)

Source: KFF 2012


Calypso Rose, urodzona jako Mc Artha Lewis, jest ambasadorką muzyki karaibskiej i niekwestionowaną legendą calypso. Towarzyszymy jej podróżom z Trynidadu i Tobago do Nowego Jorku, gdzie mieszka, oraz do Paryża i na kontynent przodków - do Afryki. Nakręcony w konwencji filmu drogi intymny portret artystki przedstawia coraz to nowe oblicza: charyzmatycznej diwy, obrończyni praw kobiet, w końcu człowieka - ze zmartwieniami i lękami, ale przede wszystkim z mocną miłością do muzyki i życia.

Produkcja: Francja, Trynidad i Tobago, 2011
Czas trwania: 85'
Gatunek: Dokument

Reżyseria: Pascale Obolo
Scenariusz: Pascale Obolo
Zdjęcia: Sylvain Verdet
Muzyka: Calypso Rose
Montaż: Yannick Coutheron, Mathieu Desport
Producent: Dynamo Production (Jean-Michel Gibert, Thierry Planelle, Philippe Djivas), Maturity Productions, Trinidad & Tobago Film Company

Source: KFF 2012


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