It Was Better Tomorrow

  • C'était mieux demain (Ya Man Aach) - يا [...]
Genre : Biography
Type : Documentary
Original title :
Principal country concerned : Column : Cinema/tv
Year of production : 2012
Format : Feature
Running time : 74 (in minutes)

Through the hubbub of a revolution, Ya man aach follows Aida, a Tunisian woman who has to rebuild her entire life and who does not wish to look backwards. She spends her time moving from one poor neighborhood to another.
Driven by the will to find a roof over her head and for her children, she takes no notice of the historical events taking place around her. Her only goal is to find a way out and she is convinced that the revolution is a blessing. Ya man aach shows the atypical journey of this brazen and bold woman in the intense interval of a country's revolution.

by Hinde Boujemaa - Tunisia, 74'
language: Arabic - s/t English, Italian
(documentary) Aida Kaabi

Director's Statement
When I met Aida, in January 2011, I was anxious, as so many, to tell the story of my Tunisia with all the questions and uncertainties I was living at each moment. A revolution is a unique moment in a lifetime when the country that you know changes from one day to another.
I approached Aida in the street. She seemed to be disconnected from what was happening. This insolent and combative woman takes advantage of the quasi-social chaos to break down doors, coming face to face with neighbors and sometimes with bad surprises. She sees in the revolution the un-hoped for occasion of changing her life: finding a roof to have back her four children.
I followed her during a year and a half...

First film
Country : Tunisia
Genre : Documentary
Length : 74'

Director : Hinde BOUJEMAA
Production company : Cinetelefilms
Producer : Habib Attia
Co-production company Tunisia : Nomadis Images
Co-producer : Dora Bouchoucha

Budget : 136 191 €


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