Dupes (The)

Genre : Drama
Type : Fiction
Column : Cinema/tv
Year of production : 1969
Format : Feature

After the "Nakba" of 1948, three Palestinians from different regions meet in a small town near the border. Each remembers what has happened to them. They decide to leave clandestinely tanker to the wilderness.

Set in Iraq (but shot in Syria), this is the story of three men who try to leave their impoverished and hopeless lives to get get work in Kuwait. The film portrays the lives of Palestinian refugees after the'nakba' by following three generations of young men who made their way from Palestine to Iraq on the hope of reaching Kuwait to pursue their dreams of freedom and prosperity. The film begins with the story of the eldest of the three men, intercutting his present journey with recollections of the past.

Syria, 1972, Feature, Drama, 1hr02

Directed by Tawfik Saleh
based on the Ghassan Kanafani story'Rijal fi Shams' (AKA'Men in the Sun')
In Arabic with English subtitles.
Runtime: 1 hr 47 min (107 min)
Color: Black and White

CAST (in credits order)
Mohamed Kheir-Halouani... Abou Keïss
Abderrahman Alrahy... Abou Kheizarane
Bassan Lofti Abou-Ghazala... Assaad
Saleh Kholoki... Marouane
Thanaa Debsi... Om Keïss

Original Music by
Solhi El-Wadi

Cinematography by
Bahgat Heidar

Film Editing by
Saheb Haddad (or Salah Haddad)
Farin Dib

Sound Department
Zoheir Fahmy.... sound

Production : La Société Générale du Cinéma - Damas

Produced by

The Dupes-Tawfiq saleh-1969 from Mohanad Yaqubi on Vimeo.

"A classic masterpiece of Arab cinema."
- The North African and Middle East Festival

"Skillfully directed and crisply photographed in black and white."
- The Seattle Times

National Film Organization

Arab Film Distribution (1998) (USA) (all media)

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Winner! Carthage Film Festival, Tanit d'Or
Nominated! Moscow International Film Festival, Golden Prize



بل سائق شاحنة مساعدة ثلاثة فلسطنيّين على عبور الحدود ليتسنّى لهم الوصول إلى الكويت بحثا عن حياة أفضل. وطيلة الرحلة لم يغادر الثلاثة خزّان البنزين الذي تواروا فيه

سوريا 1971

بالألوان: 120

الإخراج : توفيق صالح

السيناريو : توفيق صالح عن غسّان كنفاني

التصوير : بهجت حيدر

الموسيقى : صلحي الوادي

التركيب : صالح حدّاد

التمثيل : عبد الرحمان روشي-عدنان بركات-ثناء دبسي-بسّام لطفي

إنتاج : الشركة العامّة للسينما-دمشق


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