El Gort - جمل البرّوطة

  • El Gort - جمل [...]
Genre : Social
Type : Documentary
Original title : Jamal al-barrouta [Original Title]
Principal country concerned : Column : Cinema/tv
Year of production : 2013
Format : Feature
Running time : 87 (in minutes)

Two young Tunisians struggle to survive by working in the hay trade. Their day starts very early and never seems to end. With no alternative other than unemployment or exploitation, their dreams of a carefree youth quickly turn to despair.

A realistic film, whose events took more than six years to unfold, follows the evolution of a group of young Tunisians working in the hay trade, tracking their movements and transformations in the ebb and flow between fragility and toughness, before and after the so-called Tunisian revolution.

A film by Hamza Ouni

Tunisia / United Arab Emirates, 2014, Documentary, 1hr27

Original Title: Jamal al-barrouta
Director: Hamza Aouni
Tunisia, United Arab Emirates | Arabic
2013 | 86min. | Colour
Subtitles: English

"A chronicle of six years … a memory scanned without compromise, but with all due modesty." (Hamza Ouni)

Producer: Karim Rmadi
Cinematographers: Mohamad Hakim Bu Jumaa, Hatem Al Nashi
Editor: Najwa ِAl Khechemi
Sound: Hasan Al Najar, Jaber Al namoushi, Wasim Al Trabulsi


نبذة عن الفيلم:
فيلم واقعي، استغرق انجازه أكثر من ستّة سنوات. يتابع تطوّر فئة من الشباب داخل دهاليز المجتمع التونسي، يشتغلون في شاحنات التّبن، يتعقّب تحرّكاتهم وتقلباتهم في مدّ و جزر ما بين الهشاشة والصلابة قبل وبعد ما يسمّى بالثورة التونسية.

فيلم لـ حمزة العوني
Alexandria Film Festival for Mediterranean Countries


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