Invisibles [dir. A. Ogou]

  • Invisibles [dir. A. Ogou]
Genre : Drama
Type : TV series
Original title :
Principal country concerned : Column : Cinema/tv
Year of production : 2017
Format : Mid-length
Running time : 52 (in minutes)

A dive into the daily life of the Microbes, these street children in Abidjan, who lost their bearings and attack the population in roving bands.

Chaka (13 years old) is the second child of a poor family in Yopougon (a popular neighborhood in northern Abidjan), whose father (Cissé) was unfairly fired from his job as a publication manager at the government-run daily newspapers (Matins d'Abidjan) after the post-electoral crisis in 2011.
His mother (Khadija), a storekeeper installed in the public domain, is driven out like several other storekeepers. This situation creates tension between his father and his mother, which soon becomes unbearable. Chaka and his older sister Hadjara (15 years old) decide to leave their family and move in at their older cousin's in Abobo.
With the help of her cousin, Hadjara becomes a Gbaka apprentice (Gbaka are local minivans) in a train station, while Chaka wanders…
After many efforts, Chaka's best friend Timo (15 years old) manages to have him join a gang of Microbes, led by Kouess (17 years old). Hadjara does everything she can to keep her brother away from the gang and sends him to see Myriam (35 years old), the director of a reinsertion center for young idlers.
But a totally disoriented Charka is driven by his desire to "replace" his father, who can't make ends meet, and by the temptation to become a well-respected thug in the neighborhood.
Very quickly, he win's Kouess' respect thanks to his bravery and boldness during their street attacks.
However, as a newcomer in the gang, he is the victim of hazing and bullying by other gang members, including the youngest ones.

But Chaka, who aims at becoming a thug on his own, decides to leave the gang… During a burglary that doesn't go as planned, he escapes, stealing a million CFA francs.
In order to hide, he decides to go see Myriam and pretends he wants to give up on being a thug. Meanwhile, he starts his own gang of microbes…

2016, Ivory Coast, Série TV, 10x52mn

Creator: Alex OGOU (Ivory Coast)

Director : Alex OGOU

Script: Aka ASSIE & Alex OGOU

Produced by Karamoko Toure (TSK Studios, Ivory Coast)

Estimated cost of production: $335,000

2016 | Discop 2016, Abidjan
* Grand Prize (TV Series)

2015 | Les Trophées Francophones du Cinéma 2015, Abidjan
* "Afrique en Séries" contest: Prize of the best series in development


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