Seeds of violence

Graines de la violence (Les)
Type : Documentary
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Principal country concerned : Column : Cinema/tv

Unemployed, hopeless, failed candidates to exile, young people have joined the growing number of "gangs" that spread violence in my hometown of Zinder in Niger. They are locally called "in Palais". They copy the American gangsters' style: massive neck chains, tee-shirts with Hollywood stars, faded jeans, duck step… They are known for spectacular incidents, sometimes tragic, which generates a climate of fear and psychosis.
At nightfall, in a narrow lane in the Kara Kara district, while some train for weightlifting and combat, others - sitting around a teapot - tell the mystery of their lives. As a Zinder native, combining my training in sociology with my passion and my experience of cinema, my film will explore these seeds of violence that have been planted in my country and on the continent.

A film by Aicha MACKY

Niger, documentary

Producer's note
Filming what in essence cannot be seen is the nature of the documentary and that is what director Aicha Macky is proposing here. She wishes to explore a dangerous and difficult to access environment, gangs that operate in her hometown. The film will not only understand its roots and modes of action: it will offer concrete solutions to address the phenomenon, heal the wounds and the wounded, and to live the present with more assurance and security. This project requires a lot of courage, prudence and self-sacrifice, all of which Aicha is not lacking - she proved it during the locations researches and her previous multi-awarded film The Tree Without Fruit. She aims at fighting gangs through education and training in order to respond to the growing problems of employment, radicalization, immigration and terrorism in sub-Saharan Africa.

Producer: Ousmane SAMASSEKOU / Mali


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