Red cactus

  • Raketa Mena (Cactus rouge)
Genre : Political
Type : Documentary
Original title : Cactus vermelhos [Brésil]
Principal country concerned : Column : Cinema/tv
Year of production : 2006
Format : Mid-length
Running time : 52 (in minutes)

diretor: Hery A. Rasolo
roteiro: Hery A. Rasolo
fotografia: Hery A. Rasolo
edição: Hery A. Rasolo
produtor: Hery A. Rasolo
som: Hery A. Rasolo
mistura de som: Hery A. Rasolo
produção: Izany s'Izany

duração: 52 minutes
formato: dvd
ratio: 1:33
ano: 2007

On the coast of Androy, region most in the South of Madagascar, dunes invade beaches and big surfaces of arables and pasture disappear day after day. The climatic conditions rarely authorize the fishermen to go fishing.
The worst? There is no water. The bucket of water costs 100 Ar when the system of adduction, fruit of the cooperation between the Malagasy and Japanese governments, works. Otherwise, the inhabitants have to walk 30km to stock up.
So all the village feeds on "raketa mena", a red cactus of the charming scientific name of Opuntia stricta. This invasive cactus has dried all the lands... and who cares ?

script: Hery A. Rasolo
photography: Hery A. Rasolo
editing: Hery A. Rasolo
director: Hery A. Rasolo
producer: Hery A. Rasolo
sound: Hery A. Rasolo
sound mixing: Hery A. Rasolo
production: Izany s'Izany

runing time: 52 minutes
format: dvd
ratio: 1:33
year of production: 2007

original languages: Malagasy
available subtitles: Frenc


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