Shamanic Visions : Forgotten Territories

  • Visions Chamaniques : territoires oubliés
Genre : Social
Type : Documentary
Original title :
Principal country concerned : Column : Cinema/tv
Year of production : 2020
Format : Feature
Running time : 89 (in minutes)

An initiatory journey among the Fangs of Gabon and the Shipibos in Peru, this film takes us to the sound of traditional instruments such as the mogongo (mouth bow), the sacred harp and the Icaros, to encounter the wisdom of traditional peoples. This traditional wealth, known as shamanic, reminds us that we are joyful beings, connected to nature. We follow the stages of initiation and the teachings of Sandra Ingerman, world-renowned shamanic author.

A film by David PAQUIN

France / Gabon, 2020, Documentary, 1h29, original multilingual version with French subtitles.

With Sandra Ingerman, Guadalupe Retiz Tonalmilt, Philippe Bobola, Jean Clottes, Stéphanie Lemonnier

Country of Origin: France
Type : Documentary
Year of production: 2020
Original version: French, English, Spanish
Subtitled version(s): French
Running time: 89 minutes
Title in English : Shamanic Visions : Forgotten Territories

David Paquin

David Paquin

David Paquin
Tom Roeloffs

Batiste Paquin
Alain Girard

Mystery Circus

David Paquin

Pierre Hotte

Toni Di Rocco

Sandra Ingerman, Guadalupe Retiz Tonalmilt, Philippe Bobola, Jean Clottes, Stéphanie Lemonnier

"Shamanism is a state of consciousness, the ability to use energy fields that are not perceived in the everyday world we all know."
Carlos Castaneda - Author

"Shamanism is a path of knowledge, not of faith, and this knowledge cannot come from me or anyone else in this reality. To access this knowledge, including knowledge of the reality of spirits, it is necessary to walk through the shaman's door and acquire empirical evidence."
Michael Harner - Anthropologist

"The human being is made up of a body and one or more invisible components, often referred to as "souls", which survive death. The world is also dual. There is this world, visible, everyday, secular, and another world. This is the world of the gods and their emissaries, of spirits of all kinds, of the masters of animals or plants, of the ancestors, of the dead... This is the world described in myths. Shamanism also assumes that some humans can establish communication with the other world at will. They can see it and know it, unlike other men, who only experience or sense it.
Michel Perrin - Ethnologist


"A philosophical, even existential reflection. Fascinating."
Cinemaradio - Sylvain Ménard

"Shamanism is a state of consciousness that leads to knowledge."
The Raging Sheep

"Shows traditional practices for learning to be in relationship with nature and with oneself." - NOLDS/YD

"A dizzying and immersive initiation dive (...) to reconnect with Mother Nature and give meaning back to our lives. Captivating. "
First - Julia Mathu

"At a time of major changes in the relationships of humans with each other and with their environment, Shamanic Visions offers us another conception of existence, one that indigenous cultures have never stopped teaching."
Le Monde des Religions - Loïc Druenne

"Zarbis instruments, lush forests, ancestral chants and existential questioning: the film is a sweet trip. "

"More than a simple documentary on shamanic practices, it is an invitation to question oneself, the notion of reality and one's ability to approach it in a different way. It is sober, empathetic and full of positive vibes. Well filmed. Pleasing to the eye and to the consciousness." - Dominique Bleuet

"A rich, deep, documented, informed and inspiring documentary."

"We share the impression of living a real initiatory journey from a distance. Journey, questioning, reflection on our society: Through this documentary, it is thus about thinking differently about happiness." - Camille Bouko-Levy

- Jupiter Films
- KFilms

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Jupiter Films - Jan Roeloffs
41 rue Claude Terrasse - 75016 PARIS
+33 1 53 84 40 90

National release (France) : (March 11, postponed to 22/06/2020, cancelled) - In theaters since August 21, 2020


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