Valdiodio N'Diaye et l'indépendance du Sénégal

  • Valdiodio N'Diaye et l'indépendance du Sénégal
Genre : Political
Type : Documentary
Principal country concerned : Column : Cinema/tv
Year of production : 2000
Format : Mid-length
Running time : 52 (in minutes)

Valdiodio N'Diaye, the heir of a lost kingdom and the Home Minister in Senegal was a mythical figure who had to face his fate in 1958 in Dakar when confronted to General de Gaulle. There, in court,he expressed the wills of all black people in Africa : "We want independance, African unity, and confederation". But in 1962, two years afterSenegal gained its independence, Valdiodio N'Diaye fate was going to a tragic end. Accused of plotting against the State, this African leader who had been working for freedom and democratic values found himself in jail for several dozens of years. Today, Western Africa's biggest secondary school bears his name and young Senegalese compare him to Nelson Mandela. One could wonder why African elites had to be eleminated systematically at the moment in this time. Rare audio-visual documents, rare archives and decreasing number of witnesses recall this search for independence and Valdiodio N'Diaye personality. Réalisation/Director : Amina Ndiaye Leclerc & Eric Cloué Scénario/Screeplay : Photo/Cinematography : Eric Millot, Jean-Pierre, Thimothée Janssen Montage/Editing : Pape Gora Seck, Sylvain Luini Son/Sound : Thierry Blandin Musique/Music : Positive Black Soul,... Production/Producer : Guelwaar Production (France), Radio Television Sénégalaise (RTS, Sénégal), Iemanja, Planète, Fonds Francophone (OIF/ CIRTEF, France), avec la participation du ministère français des Affaires étrangères Durée/Running time : 52 min Format : Betacam SP Documentaire/Documentary - couleur/color Interprètes/Cast : Valdiodio Ndiaye, Léopold Sédar Senghor, Général De Gaulle, Iba Der Thiam, Mamadou Diouf, Daara Ji (Ndongo D., Faada Freddy, Lord Alajiman), Abdoul Malick Dia, Nafi Ndoye... Contact : Guelwaar Production __________________ La vida y el destino de Valdiodio N' Diaye, ministro del interior de Senegal de los años 60. A través de su combate en pos de la independencia de su país, aquí se narra la historia del África y de sus fronteras.


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Valdiodio N'Diaye - Sénégal Crise 1962

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Valdiodio N'Diaye et l'indépendance du Sénégal



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