Bila Hudoud (Without Limits)

  • Bila Hudoud (Sans limites) - بلا [...]
Genre : Thriller
Type : Fiction
Original title :
Principal country concerned : Column : Cinema/tv
Year of production : 2008

Yussra is young Moroccan woman who works as a fitness trainer in a sports center in Mohammedia. After having many disappointments with men, she finally meets someone new, Tarik, who seems to be really in love with her and wants to marry her. She doesn't know that Tarik has hidden from her his past as a drug trafficker. His past catches up with him and Tarik is killed before her eyes. Soon Yussra is on the run from the murdererer who wants to kill her because she is the only witness and from the police who believes that she is an accomplice to murder.

directed by Nassim Abassi

a Moroccan thriller set in Mohammedia

Second feature film wrote and directed in Morocco by Nassim Abassi

Fehd Benchemsi
Abdellah Lamrani
Abderrahim Tounsi
Youssef Joundi
Hind Saadidi
Abdellah Chicha
Jamila El Houni
Youssef Karte
Oum El Ghait Benssahraoui
Mourad Zaoui
Bouziane Jilali Ben Salem
Jamal Lababsi
Hicham Ibrahimi
Kamal Toufik
Souad Sabir Alaoui
Souad El Ouazani
Mohamed Quatib
Mohamed Naimane
Abdelaziz Dadas
Abdelkader Aizoun
Zoubida Akif
Ikram Elabdouni
Mohamed Najah
Mohamed Boussalem
Abdelhalim Chebbaki
Tarik Serhane
Redouane Kinana
Saleh Abdelhak
Samir Essaoudi
Fatiha Zahir
Thierry Gilbert Bordaonado
Redouane Elkamal
Moahmed Batal
Ihab Abderrahim Tounsi


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Bila Hudoud (Sans limites) - بلا [...]



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