• Banished
Genre : Historical
Type : Documentary
Original title :
Principal country concerned : Column : Cinema/tv, History/society
Year of production : 2008
Format : Feature
Running time : 87 (in minutes)

From 1864 well into the 1920s, in dozens of towns and counties, white Americans drove out entire African American communities. Many of these towns remain all white to this day.

Banished brings to light this hidden chapter of America's history, telling these dramatic stories for the first time. However, the film does more than present the historical facts.

Most of the film takes place today - investigating the ongoing impact of the expulsions on families and communities, Black and White.

In the stories of Black families whose land and livelihood were stolen, we see the limits of the legal system and the need for creative forms of repair.

By meeting these families and the white communities who banished them, the film asks us to consider our responsibility for past wrongs and our role in righting them.

Through the stories of three communities, Banished asks the difficult question: What can be done to redress past injustice?

Marco Williams: "Banished"

Hello, this is Marco the director of the documentary, "Banished." Please check out my website: for clips and other good stuff.

So, what is "Banished" about? It is about a little know history in America when white residents of towns expelled all of the black residents, leaving many of these communities virtually all white today. Most of these expulsions or ethnic cleansings took place in border states, not the deep south. States like Indiana, Missouri, Arkansas, Kentuckey, Texas, Tennesse, and Georgia (the only specifically southern state. They took place between 1864 and 1920. But my film is a historical film. It is about these towns today; it is about the African American descendants of the banished blacks and the white descendants who populate these towns. It is about redress, reconcilliation and perhaps reparations.

I hope you'll take a look.
Speak to you at Sundance.
Marco "Hip" Williams

Director/Producer: Marco Williams
Co-Producer: Maia Harris
Editors: Kathryn Barnier, Sandra Christie
Camera: Stephen McCarthy,
Sound: J.T. Takagi
Music Composed by: David Murray
Original Art by: Karen Zasloff
Associate Producers: Shukree Tilghman, Van Dora Williams
Additional Camera: Elia Lyssy, Yoni Brook, John Foster, Jay A. Kelley,
Allen Moore
Additional Sound: Judy Karp, Philip Keeler, Bob Silverthorne

Music Performed by:
David Murray, saxophone
D.D. Jackson, piano
Jaribu Shahid, bass
Tani Tabbal, drums

Music Recording: Peter Karl Studios
Oral History Voices: Dewanda Wise, Dominique A. Toney
On-line Edit: BAVC/Shirley Gutierrez
Sound Design & Mix: Richard Fairbanks
Animation: Paul Docherty
Title Design: Christian J. Meany
Music Editor: Anne Pope
Photo Research: Carol Bash
Editing Assistants: Ari Bassin-Hill, Florence Holdeman
Production Assistants: Ben Ernst, German Valle

Ted Alcorn
Margaret Galbraith
Tehuti Jones
Scott Michaels

Matthew Lefferts
Franklin, Weinrib, Rudell & Vassallo P.C.

Accounting: Debi Zelko
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