Kuumba (Tèen bii)

  • Kuumba
Genre : Adventure
Type : Animation
Original title : Kuumba Tèen Bii, le secret du puits
Principal country concerned : Column : Cinema/tv
Year of production : 2009
Format : Feature
Running time : 80 (in minutes)

Taking its inspiration from a Senegalese popular tale, KUUMBA is a narrated action/adventure feature film meant to appeal to a large audience and more specifically for a universal 6-12 years old target market. The African culture, through its stories and legends, represents an endless wealth that has found a new way to express itself through animation that marvellously reflects its magical beauty.
But KUUMBA is also a tale, a splendid ode to friendship in the face of conflicts that causes the refusal of differences…. The story is also a metaphor of today's Africa with its ethnical conflicts, its old and exhausted ruling people who fall asleep on their thrones whereas highly ambitious young officers set the peoples one against the other and plan to overthrow the existing regimes in a blood bath …

Two little girls BA-PULO and LINGUERE who symbolize youth, Africa's hope, will succeed in remedying the situation after a eventful initial quest in a fantastic dimension paved with obstacles and traps… Humour, emotion and action alternate during the thrilling journey of our two heroes, thanks to whom two peoples who were enemies will at last understand that they need to unite in order to build a better world…
The duration of this classical animation feature film (2D) is 80 minutes. Some sets are designed in 3D with a 2D output. The African rhythmical music, which is an original composition by YOUSSOU N'DOUR, will be visually designed in motion capture and reintegrated in 2D animation for the particularly colourful choreography scenes.

An 80 minutes animated feature film.


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