Wa n'Wina (Amicalement vôtre)

  • Wa n'Wina (Amicalement vôtre)
Genre : Social
Type : Documentary
Original title : Série "Steps for the future"
Principal country concerned : Column : Cinema/tv
Year of production : 2001
Format : Mid-length
Running time : 52 (in minutes)

El autor regresa a su township, en Sudáfrica, tratando de entender como se vive ahí en esta época del sida. A lo largo de las entrevistas se expresa la afirmación de una voluntad de sobrevivir, y hacerlo juntos. Esta película es un testimonio del interior de las cuestiones que agitan a la comunidad negra de la Sudáfrica contemporánea.


The director returns to his township in South Africa in an attempt to understand how people live with the constant presence of AIDS. In a series of encounters, people assert the desire to survive together. The film provides a view from the inside of deeply disturbing matters for the black African community in contemporary South Africa.

"I am told that in my generation, one out of every two people will be affected by the virus before the age of 30": Dumisani Phakathi returns to his township to try to understand how people live there in the era of AIDS. Using a handheld camera, moving from encounter to encounter, he talks to rediscovered childhood friends, getting them to talk in a vivid, incisive style.
"Wa N'wina is a love letter from me to my street and the inhabitants of Soweto. In the midst of the surrounding sense of catastrophe, this is my way of declaring that people are more than just sta-tistics. It is also an affirmation of the determination to survive together in the face of AIDS".

Réalisation-Directed by : Dumisani Phakathi
Scénario-Screenplay : Dumisani Phakathi
Image-Cinematography : Dumisani Phakathi, Matthys Mocke
Montage-Editor : Vuyani Sondlo
Production : Day Zero Film and Video, Steps for the Future, avec le soutien du CNC
Distribution : Dominant 7


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