Money Order (The)

  • Mandat, Le (Mandabi)
Genre : Social
Type : Fiction
Original title :
Principal country concerned : Column : Cinema/tv
Year of production : 1968
Format : Feature
Running time : 105 (in minutes)

Modern Dakar is the setting for this comic yet heartbreaking story about Ibrahim Dieng, a faithful Moslem who lives there with his two wives and seven children. This simple man, although he has been out of work for four years, lives with dignity, until one day he receives a money order from his nephew expatriate living in Paris. This dubious windfall threatens to destroy the traditional fabric of his life.

A film by SEMBÈNE Ousmane

starring Makhourédia Guèye, Younousse N'Diaye, Isseu Niang, Serigne N'Diaye, Moustapha Touré

Senegal / France, 1968, Fiction, 1h30, drama, in Wolof

Original Title (Wolof version): MANDABI
Original Title (French version): LE MANDAT
English Title: THE MONEY ORDER
Countries: Senegal / France
Year: 1968
Type: Fiction, Narrative
Genre: Drama
Duration: 105 min (1h45 min) - & 90 min
Visa number (France): Number 34349
Support: 35 mm, DCP 4K
Color: Color
Sound: Mono
Language: Wolof, French
Subtitles: French, English (VOSTF)

Executive Producer: Robert de Nesle

Producers: Robert de Nesle, Ousmane Sembène

Director: Ousmane Sembène
Screenwriter: Ousmane Sembène

Mamadou "Makhourédia" Guéye (Ibrahim Dieng),
Isseu NIANG (2nd spouse),
Younousse NDIAYE (1st spouse),
Serigne Ndiaye (Imam - Muslim Pastor),
SEMBÈNE Ousmane (public writer)

2021 | Afrika Film Festival de Cologne 2021 (septembre)

Film restored in 4K (by StudioCanal), en 2020.
French new Release: Splendor Films (on 30 June 2021)

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1st Release in France : May 20, 1968
French Release (2021) : June 30, 2021

International Critic Prize, at 1968 Venice Film Festival (Italy)


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