Ein Shams (The Eye of the Sun)

  • Ein Shams (The Eye of the Sun)
Genre : Drama
Type : Fiction
Original title :
Principal country concerned : Column : Cinema/tv
Year of production : 2008
Format : Feature
Running time : 90 (in minutes)

Once the capital of Pharaonic Egypt and a sacred location marked by the visit of Jesus and Mary, Ein Shams has become one of Cairo's poorest, most neglected neighborhoods.
Through the eyes of Shams, an eleven year old girl from the neighborhood, the film captures the sadness and magic of everyday life. The diverse characters of the film showcase the intricacies of Egypt's political system and social structure, and give a glimpse into the grievances of the Middle East region and the complex relationships of its nations.

Director: Ibrahim El Batout
Scriptwriter: Tamer El Said - Ibrahim El Batout
D.O.P: Hesham Farouk Ibrahim
Editor: Ahmed Abdallah
Art Director: Shaimaa Aziz
Music Composer : Amir Khalaf
Executive Producer: Sherif Mandour
Sound Design: Mohab Mostafa Ezz
Sound Mix: Aziz Zaytouni
Genre: Drama
Running time: 90 min.
Prod: Film House Egypt
Distributor: Al Arabia Cinema

Hanan Youssef
Boutros Boutros Ghaly
Ramadan Khater

براهيم البطّوط � ا إ لخراج : إ
براهيم البطّوط � ّسعيد و إ 􀁺 سيناريو : ثامر ال 􀁺 ال
براهيم � شم فروق إ 􀀷 صورة : ها 􀁼 ال
صطفى عز 􀁼 صوت : محب م 􀁼 ال
وعزيز زيتوني
مير خلف � سيقى : أ 􀀶 المو
حمد عبد الله � التركيب : أ
سف، 􀀶 التمثيل : حنان يو
ضان خاتر، 􀁽 رم
ص غالي، حنان عادل 􀀸 ص بتر 􀀸


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