At Five in the Afternoon

  • À cinq heures de l'après midi (Panj é asr)
Type : Fiction
Original title : 5 in the afternoon
Principal country concerned : Column : Cinema/tv
Year of production : 2003
Format : Feature
Running time : 106 (in minutes)

5 in the afternoon
After the downfall of the Taliban's regime in Afghanistan a young girl puts effort to make the best use from the freedom existing in the new era for her own social growth as a woman.

Director: Samira Makhmalbaf
Scriptwriter: Samira Makhmalbaf (Based on a story written by Mohsen Makhmalbaf)
Directors Assistant : Marzieh Meshkini, Akbar Meshkini, Kaveh Moeenfar
Director of Photography: Ebrahim Ghafoori
Cameramans' Assistant: Reza Sheikhi, Mehdi Amiri, Abdoljamil Ghanizadeh, Mirveis Ahmadi
Sound-recording: Behrooz Shahamat, Farokh Fadaee
Assistant of sound-recorder: Habibolah Mohamadi
Sound editors: Behrooz Shahamat, Hosein Mahdavi
Music: Mohamad Reza Darvishi (Based on traditional Afghan music)
Editor: Mohsen Makhmalbaf
Assistant film editor: Mastaneh Mohajer
Photo, Producer & Programmer: Maysam Makhmalbf
Manager for production: Mohammad Ahmadi
Assistant manager for production: Zahra Kamalian
Site co-odinator: Vali Talash
Film behind the secene filming: Hana Makhmalbaf
Special effects: Ghias Vaset
Transport pool: Fakhredin Maghsood, Kamledin Eghbal, Majid Ashoor
Chefs: Javid Habibolah, Farahnaz Ebdali, Esmatolah Ebdali
Set design assistants: Yaghoob, Zaher
Sound/film coordination: Taraneh Mohajer
Negative cutting: Hosein Ansarian
Color coordinator: Hasan Niknezhad
Technical sound editor: Rasaneh Pooya
Studio: Filmsaz

Agheleh Rezaee
Abdolghani Yusef-zay
Marzieh Amiri
Razi Mohebi
Halimeh Abdolrahman
Bibigol Asef
Jerom Kazagh
Mina Anis
Shpkraneh Hatefi
Vakileh Govah
Mohamad Yunes
Mahboobeh Ebdali
Nadimeh Ebdali
Fatemeh Rasooli
Yasamin Rasooli
Mohamadnader Khageh
Mohamadnaser Ghomandan
Akhtar Mohamad-afzal
Foroozan Feizi

A Makhmalbaf Film House production

With thank to:
Fatemeh Meshkini,
Dr.Mohammad Reza Shafiee,
Cultural minister Of Afghanistan,
Ariana Afghan Airlines,
Afghan Film

Year of production: 2003
Film specs: 105',35 mm, 1-1/85

International Sales: Wild Bunch (France)

1) Cannes Film Festival (in official Competion), France 2003.
2) Sahara Film Festival, France 2003
3) Thessaloniki Film Festival, Greece 2003
4) A.F.I Film Festival, USA 2003
5) London Film Festival, UK 2003
6) Durban Film Festival, South Africa 2003
7) Chicago Film Festival, USA 2003
8) Pusan Film Festival, Korea 2003
9) Rio de janeiro Film Festival, Brasil 2003
10) New Delhi Film Festival, India 2003
11) Toronto Film Festival, Canada 2003
12) Montreal Film Festival, Canada 2003
13) Sarajevo Film Festival, Bosnia and Herzegoniva 2003
14) Copenhagen Film Festival, Denmark 2003
15) Black Night Film Festival, Estonia 2003
16) Mifed Film Festival, Italy 2003
17) Belgrade Festival of Auteur Film, Serbia & Montenegro 2003
18) Ljubjlana Film Festival, Slovenia 2003
19) Munich Film Festival, Germany 2004
20) Istanbul Film Festival, Turkey 2004
21) Palm Springs Film Festival, USA 2004
22) Hong Kong Film Festival, China 2004
23) Singapore Film Festival, Singapore 2004
24) Minneapolis Film Festival, USA 2004
25) Karlovy vary Film Festival, Czech Republic 2004
26) Seattle Film Festival, USA 2004
27) Amnesty Film Festival, USA 2004
28) Melbourne Film Festival, Australia 2004
29) Midnight Sun Film Festival, Finland 2004
30) Jerusalem Film Festival, Israel 2004
31) Riga, Letonia 2004
32) Festval Film and culture, Taiwan 2004
33) Washington, National Gallery of Art, USA 2004
34) Boston Museum of Fine Arts, USA 2004
35) Film Comment Selects New York, USA 2005
36) Bermuda Film Festival, Bermuda 2005
37) Doc Films, University of Chicago, USA 2005
38) Museum of the moving image, USA 2005
39) Cinematheque Rabat, Marocco 2005

International Awards:

1. "Jury Special award", Official Competition section of Cannes Film Festival 2003, France.

2. "Grand prize from Society of churches of world", Cannes 2003, France.

3. Golden Peacock, competition (first prize) for Best film at the 34th International Film Festival of India, India 2003

4. The "Youths' Cinema" Award in Singapore's 17th International Silver Screen Film Festival 2004


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