Angano... Angano, Tales from Madagascar

  • Angano...angano... nouvelles de Madagascar
Genre : Social
Type : Documentary
Original title : Angano... Angano... Lendas de Madagascar [Brésil]
Principal country concerned : Column : Cinema/tv
Year of production : 1989
Format : Feature
Running time : 63 (in minutes)

A journey through tales and legends.
A voyage between reality and imaginary in Madagascar. A subjective and impressionistic vision, tinged with humor and tenderness. The central character of the film is the oral tradition itself which passes down the wisdom of the ancestors, the "ear's inheritance", through legend and watch a listen to fantasy...

Chosen as one of the 20 best films of 20 years of Pompidou center Cinéma du Réel festival (Paris).

runing time: 63 minutes
format: DigiBeta
ratio: 1:33
visa: 115520
year of production: 1989

director: Marie Clémence et César Paes
script: Marie Clémence et César Paes
music: Carson
photography: Cesar Paes
editing: Cesar Paes
sound: Raoul Fruhauf
producer: Marie-Clémence Paes
production: Laterit productions


Tsy adidy, adidy.
Tsy angano, Angano.
Tsy izao no mandainga fa ny olona taloha.
Madagasikara no jerena ary ny Lovan'tsofina no enoina

"L'humour est partout"

mpamorona: Marie Clémence et César Paes
mpanoratra: Marie Clémence et César Paes
mozika: Carson
sary: Cesar Paes
fandrindrana: Cesar Paes
prodokotera: Marie-Clémence Paes
mpaka feo: Raoul Fruhauf

production: Laterit productions

halavana: 63 minutes
karazany bande : DigiBeta
ratio: 1:33
visa: 115520
taona: 1989

dikan'teny vita:


Uma viagem através de contos e lendas, onde o real e o imaginario se cruzam, numa visão impressionista e subjetiva, com humor e ternura para escutar a tradicão oral e descobrir Madagascar.

Escolhido para ser um dos 20 melhor documentarios dos 20 anos do Festival Cinema do Real.

"brilliantly evocative"
Library of African Cinema

roteiro: Marie Clémence et César Paes
música: Carson
fotografia: Cesar Paes
edição: Cesar Paes
diretor: Marie Clémence et César Paes
produtor: Marie-Clémence Paes
som: Raoul Fruhauf
produção: Laterit productions

duração: 63 minutes
formato: DigiBeta
ratio: 1:33
visa: 115520
ano: 1989



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