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FASO KOMBAT is a critically acclaimed West African hip hop group hailing from Ouagadougou, the capital city of Burkina Faso- one of the centers for West African intellectualism and artistic creativity and expression. The group is made up of two young men whose understanding of and emotional attachment to musical expression permeates their every fiber. Malk'hom and David met by chance and through their common interests and passions. Malk'hom began his career in music in 1995 in neighboring Cote D'ivoire. David emerged on the scene in 1999 in Burkina Faso. Through their mutual enthusiasm, passions, and their'joi de vivre', their group was created out of the need to unify in the struggle for freedom of artistic expression and the need to express the anguish and frustrations of the third world youth living in urban Africa. Since then, Faso Kombat's path to success has been long and arduous and they have faced many challenges. Their perseverance in the face of these challenges dictated the themes of their first full album which was released in 2004. This album, called'Parcours de Combattants' or'The Journey of a Fighter,' was extremely well received among the youth of West Africa and Faso Kombat quickly became the spokesmen of urban youth throughout Burkina Faso and beyond. The 2004 album also established Faso Kombat's unique sound, a mixture of gritty hip hop and West African styles. Faso Kombat's sound is unlike anything you have ever heard as the Bronx-inspired beats and Jamaican Dancehall vocal inflections mesh with the sounds of Urban Africa and ancient Africa. With both musical and linguistic diversity impossible to match by an Western hip hop group, Faso Kombat's lyrical themes are inspired by the experiences, stories, and the struggles of African orphans, African women, youth faced with massive unemployment rates- in short, Faso Kombat's lyrics delve deeply into their own personal realities and experiences and those of the people and communities around them. Faso Kombat has achieved a great deal of success and attention throughout Africa and Europe. They have toured the world with their music and their message. Their slogan is one that anyone from any background can relate to:'Faso Kombat- the fight for a future where everyone will live well.'

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