Khaled Abol Naga

Khaled Abol Naga
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Actor, Producer, Associate producer
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Khaled Abol Naga deserves the nickname his friends gave him, Mr.Superman!.

Khaled minored in Theatre and Drama while taking Computer Science courses at the The American University in Cairo (AUC), that was juggled while he srudied Tele-communication Engineering and graduated with honours from Ain Shams University, one of the most respected Engineering schools in Egypt.

Simultaneously played Water-polo as a hobby that grew fast to become almost a profession when he teamed up with Egypt's Water-polo National team (Goal Keeper),.

Khaled kept acting & singing for years after graduation at the stage productions of the Theatre Department at The American University in Cairo, where acted in most university play productions collecting "Best Actor Award" title for varsity-competition plays year after year.

He Exchanged hobbies and professions several times.
First when Water-polo became his main focus 1986-1989,.
Then in 1990-1992 Satellites Research and Tele-Communications while researching it at University of Surrey UK, where He was a part of a team who built UoSat-5 (a Low Earth orbit spacecraft that is still in orbit till today).
He still kept a second hobby of playing Water polo for his varsity team in European tournaments while based in the UK. where He also kept in touch with plays shown in London, He also started a parallel Fashion Modeling career/hobby 1993-1996.

After winning a Best short art-film prize of the Cairo biennalle for his directoral debut Sol Star (1996); Khaled decided to give his growing artistic side better potential of growth into a career by dedicating the year of 1997 to study Film this time, Acting, Cinematography and Directing as well in the USA.

n 1999, The rythem fastened for Khaled, First when he (as a famous young face & well established catwalk model in Egypt) was offered to Host TV programs at Nile Variety Channel; part of a new Thematic Network inaugurated by state owned ERTU in Egypt.

Khaled in a very short period became the talk of the town with his new fresh style and unconventional ways. He hosted many programs including the hit Live talk show Eshar Ma'ana and interviewed stars from all walks of Arts - Local and International.

Khaled left Nile Variety channel October 2000, joined the pan-arab MBC TV in June 2001 hosting MUZIKANA ( creating massive pan-Arab audience awareness.

In 2000 He was also chosen by News Dept. (ERTU Ch:1 in Egypt) as a result of winning the title of "BEST NEW TV ANNOUNCER"; to present, "GOOD MORNING EGYPT", one of the most widely known programs in Egypt, and continued presenting it till end of 2001.

At the same time, another major dream came true; Acting in film, By the end of year 2001 Khaled became a movie star for Arab youth with movies released in Egypt & the Arab world.

It all started when the the well known and respected Egyptian Film maker"Daoud Abdel Sayed" (IMDB) chose Khaled as the lead role with Salah Abdallah and the first time actor and contraversial singer Shaaban Abdel Reheem in:

"Le Citoyen et l'indic et le voleur" "A Citizen & a Detective & a Thief " "Mowaten we Mokhber we Haramy (2001)" ( (IMDB)

The film style and cast took critics and audiences by surprise, and it took almost three weeks before critics could get over the initial shock and felt the overwhelming audience response which was one step ahead of the critics and gave the film quite a bonus at the box office, It was clear that this is a new classic of Daoud Abdel Sayed with new stars being born.

Egyptian Director Ali Abdel-Khalek (IMDB) who casted and directed Khaled's earlier role as Ashraf in "Rendez-Vous (2000)" ( (IMDB) landed him another role in the true story shot in Alexandria & Port-said locations to be a war action film "Yom EL Karama (2002)" (file data) as Lt. Hasan Hosny, a different and unexpected role by the audience proving Khaled's versatility as a promising new actor and star much needed for the anticipated new rennainssance of the Egyptian cinema of the new millenium.

Khaled also attracted the young first time Director Hani Khalifa together with the young script writer Tamer Habib to choose Khaled to lead in "Sahar El Layaly" (2003) (IMDB)as "Ali" among a large cast of young promising stars of Egyptian cinema, the film release has been delayed several times & still in final stages but expected to be released 2003.

From 2002 Khaled has established a proffessional star actor status which lead to his nomination to star many other projects, like the musical comedy "WEST EL BALAD" where He sang and performed a contemporary "Romeo" set in a Cairene downtown alley. and also as "Seif El Daly" in "EL BANAT" (2003) (IMDB) TV Series which won him BEST TV Award from Minister Safwat El-Sherif of Egypt.
He performed the role of "Kimo" a famous young actor / star who finds stardom a prison only when he falls in real love in "Girls' Love" a.k.a. "Women's love" a.k.a. "Hob El Banat" (2004) (IMDB) written once again by Tamer Habib and got Special mention awards in Cairo International Film Festival October 2003. It was shot March till August 2003. Directed by Khaled El Hagar (IMDB).

Khaled roles varry from Drama, to Romantic Comedies, to Musicals ("MEFEESH GHER KEDA" aka: "None but That!" (2007)), even an Action drama shot lately to be released in 2006 ("AGAMISTA" (2006))
Khaled's English speaking feature and American debut was in 2005: CIVIC DUTY (2006)
Khaled is now reported to be shooting a new English speaking American production film in LA: "CITIZEN BRANDO" (2008)

Khaled won several Awards including:
(Awards details>> here)

BEST ACTOR AWARD for his role "Ali" in "Sahar El Layaly" (2003) at (Paris) Arab Cinema Biennale at the Institute du Monde Arabe IMA Int'l Film Festival 2003

BEST ACTOR AWARD for his role "Ali" in "Sahar El Layaly" (2003) at (Syria) Damascus Int'l Film Festival 2003

Egyptian Oscars ACTING AWARD for his role "Ali" in "Sahar El Layaly" (2003) from Egyptian Film Society 2004

BEST ACTOR AWARD from ART for his achievement as a Young Actor from 1998-2003, 2003

BEST FILM AUDIENCE AWARD at (Tunisian) Sousse FIFEJ 2003 Film Festival.

BEST ACTOR AWARD for his role "Ali" in "Sahar El Layaly" (2003) from several Media & Magazine Polls, 2003

Nominated by Egypt for the Acadamy OSCARS Awards (LA, USA) for Best Foreign Film Competition 2003.


mini-biography by webmaster and:
(several sources: IMDB, EGYFILM, NILECINEMA, ARABTORONTO... etc.)


Personal quotes
"Material THINGS do NOT give us any extra Value, we are the ones who give material THINGS all its value."


Where now:
as an Actor, Khaled is based in Cairo, Egypt. But he is constantly travelling for work either as an actor, or as a TV-Host


Mini Filmography 2000-2006: > More details here>>

2006: CIVIC DUTY (2006) : Lead role : Gabe Hassan

2006: The Game of Love (2006) : Lead role: Essam

2005: Banat Wust el Balad (Downtown Girls)(2005) Feature - Main role : Chef Samir

2005: Malek we Ketaba (2005) Feature - Main role: Tarek
2004: Hob El Banat (2004) Feature Film - Main role: Kimo
2003: Sahar El Layaly (2003) Feature Film - Lead role: Ali
2003: EL Banat (2003-2004) TV Series - Lead role: Seif El Daly
2003: Yom El Karama (2002) Feature Film - Lead role: Lt.Hasan Hosny
2002: WEST EL BALAD (2002) Play - Lead role: Romeo/Ramadan
2001: Mowaten we Mokhber we Haramy (2001) Feature Film - Lead role: Selim
2000: Rendez-Vous (2000) Feature Film - Lead role: Ashraf 2000: Leh Khaletny Ahebak (2000) Feature Film - role: as himself


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