Alain Rozanes

Alain Rozanes

After practicing medicine for ten years, Alain Rozanes started producing films in 1989. He founds ADR production company and is first attracted to Southern cinematographies with La Nuit by Mohamed Malasse, Hyènes by Djibril Dop or Tableau Feraille by Moussa Sene.

He then produces Karim Dridi's films, the revelation Bye Bye in 1995, Fureur in 2003, Hors jeu in 1997 and Cuba Feliz in 1999.

He produces other revelations such as the first films of directors Thomas Vincent (Karnaval in 1999) and Raja Amari (Satin Rouge in 2002).
Alain Rozanes also worked with director Marion Vernoux on Rien à faire, Reines d'un jour in 2002 and A boire.

He has also produced:
Victoire, first film by Stéphanie Murat,
La Maison de Nina by Richard Dembo,
Mémoire d'un saccage by Fernando Solanas,
Un Moment de Bonheur by Antoine Santana?
Under the direction of Alain Rozanes, ADR produces over the years more than a hundred documentaries.
In 2005, Alain Rozanes leaves ADR to dedicate himself to training and has recently joined another company: Cabiria films, as consultant and development Manager

Over the years, Alain Rozanes was several times member of the committee for the approval of films, member of "Fond Sud", member of the "Avance sur recettes" (for which he was vice-chairman during four years), and consultant at Femis, INA and other training organizations.

He was also Chairman of the "Syndicat des Producteurs Indépendants" (SPI) and of the "Bureau de Liaisons des Organisations Cinématographiques" (BLOC).


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